Real Madrid look to Haaland, Odegaard and the Gudjohnsens

The club are not just combing Brazil for talent as they hone in on Haaland, along with Odegaard and the two Gudjohnsen brothers currently at the club.

If the transfer market was one big episode of Game of Thrones, Real Madrid would be heading north and over The Wall in search of young talent. In the last few years, the head of International Football, Brazilian Juni Calafat, has brought in Vinicius, Rodryo, Rodrigo Rodrigues and Militao. But he hasn't limited himself to just the Brazilian market.

As reported by AS, Real Madrid have their sights on Erling Haaland, one of the revelations of the current season at 19 years old and with 18 goals in 11 games for Red Bull Salzburg so far. The club already have Martin Odegaard on their books, who is currently on loan at Real Sociedad. They also count on two Icelandic kids in the future. Andri and Dani Gudjohnsen, the sons of former Barcelona striker Eidur.

Odegaard and Haaland already share a dressing room with the national team. The latter was left out of the Spain game on Saturday due to a hip injury and while the pair are two very different footballers, they share one thing in common. They both debuted in professional football at the age of 15.

Gudjohnsen brothers developing at La Fabrica

El islandés Andri Gudjohnsen juega en el Juvenil B del Real Madrid.

Another gem from the north, further west this time, is Andri Gudjohnsen. He is the eldest son of Eidur and is a 17-year-old striker who previously played with Chelsea and Barcelona's youth academies. Born in London during his father's spell at Stamford Bridge, he currently plays for Manu Fernández Juvenil B side but he has been involved with Dani Poyatos' Juvenil A side and is registered for the UEFA Youth League. His little brother, Dani, also plays as a striker and is playing with Madrid's Infantil A side at Valdebebas.

On the other hand, the case of Eero Markkanen is enough for Madridistas to cool their jets. The Finnish striker arrived at Valdebebas in 2014 at the resuqest of Zinedine Zidane to strengthen his Castilla attack. He cost €1.6 million but it was a fiasco to say the least. He arrived 18 kilos more than his ideal weight before leaving and left the club the following year.