Figo forgives Ronaldo for line about his wife

The former Madrid player had a right chuckle on Spanish television over the famous Ronaldo Nazario line about Figo's wife, Helen Svendin.

Figo forgives Ronaldo for line about his wife

Luis Figo appeared on Spanish TV show El Hormiguero accompanied by his wife Helene Svendin on Wednesday night.

On it, the host, Pablo Motos, brought up the famous anecdote when Ronaldo Nazario was a Real Madrid player. He was being compared to Figo, who lived a quiet life and stayed in every night, unlike the Brazilian. "If I had Figo's wife, I'd stay at home all the time too," was Ronaldo's famous retort.

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Figo said "I know him well and I have a lot of love for him" and said that, anyway, "whenever I go out, it's because my wife is asleep."

Figo said Ronaldo's joke wasn't actually as original as it sounded. "I already heard the joke," he said. "Because he said it in the dressing room. But I forgave him because he was always joking about."