Butragueño: "I don't know why VAR decisions go one way, then the other"

Real Madrid's Director of Institutional Relations on last night's penalty appeal: "The handball decisions are confusing," he said after the Betis game.

Real Madrid's Director of Institutional Relations Emilio Butragueño questioned the consistency of some VAR decisions as Zidane's team were denied a possible penalty in Saturday's 0-0 draw with Betis.

Missed opportunity: "We wanted all three points. The team deserved three points - they created chances and set a high rhythm by winning the ball back quickly. We had enough chances to win easily but we've got to just keep on going".

Dominating play but no goals: "We weren't efficient enough. Joel was brillant in keeping us out".

Benzema's cross hit Zouhair Feddal's hand

Handball: "We are all in favour of VAR. It's a tool which can help to resolve situations which cannot be seen in the moment but in those moves - in which the ball clearly strikes the player's hand, we are confused about the decision. The ball is diverted and that interrupts the move... I don't know why VAR sometimes goes in one direction then other times in the opposite one. We understtod that VAR was going to resolve these kinds of situations".

Referee: "The referee no longer has to clearly see an incident because now we have a tool with people watching the game who can supply additional information. They considered the move but I'm not too sure about their criteria. A cross in which the ball's direction was changed by a player's hand..."