Real Madrid's best passing night against Galatasaray

The Uruguayan, Fede Valverde, connected with all 13 of his teammates against Galatasaray in the Champions League showing off his box-to-box ability.

Federico Valverde contra el Galatasaray.

It was the third minute when Fede Valverde chased down his compatriot, Muslera, and forced a clearance straight onto Casemiro's head. That started a move that saw eight Real Madrid players touch the ball. It ended up at the feet of Marcelo, who delivered a cross to Rodrygo. It might have gone unnoticed but it was the first important involvement from Valverde.

At first glance, it seems as though the running will not bear fruit but it does and it impacts the game on many levels. Without going deeper on that, against Galatasaray, he was the best link player and the only Real Madrid man who passed the ball to all 13 of his teammates on the night. 

The 21-year-old gave 64 passes on 70 (91% completion rate). That's an increase on his 33 from 44 effort in the away trip to Turkey (75% efficiency). He connected with Kroos 11 times and just once with Marcelo and Courtois. "We knew he had quality," said Zidane after. "I had to give him the opportunity to play more and he has done well. He is a box-to-box player and even with Casemiro's substitution, he remained in his position and did well for the team."

Valverde's passing stats against Galatasaray

Player Passes
Courtois 1
Carvajal 5
Varana 4
Ramos 9
Marcelo 1
Casemiro 3
Kroos 11
Rodrygo 7
Benzema 5
Hazard 4
Mendy 2
Modric 8
Isco 4

Real Madrid's best passing night

The player with most passes was Sergio Ramos, who delivered 97 passes on target of 101 attempted (96% completion rate). He missed out on a pass to Isco to complete a pass to all of his teammates like Valverde. 

It was the most passes Real Madrid have completed in this Champions League: 726 of 810 attempted. Until Wednesday night, their best had been 644 of 750 (86% efficiency). The same efficiency they had in the first game with 502 of 583 attempted. Their lowest figure came in Istandbul with 425 of 524 attempted and an 81% efficiency.