How much could Madrid and Barça earn for naming rights to their stadiums?

A study carried out suggests Real Madrid and Barcelona could cash in on the Bernabéu and Camp Nou's naming rights with LaLiga behind in general in this area.

How much could Madrid and Barça earn for naming rights to their stadiums?

Real Madrid and Barcelona coule earn €35 million a year if they were to change the name of their stadiums to that of a sponsor. The Santiago Bernabéu and Camp Nou are two of the biggest stadiums in the world that could profit from a change of name according to a study done in the United States.

The estimated amount a company might be willing to part with for the naming right to the Spanish stadiums is €36.5 million a year compared to, for example, €30.5 million for Old Trafford.

The company carrying out the study took into account everything from the star players at the clubs including Argentinian Lionel Messi and also the Bernabéu's remodelling work. The study also considers the presence of commerical names on stadiums in various national leagues. The Bundesliga has 80% of their club's stadiums named after a brand while the Premier League's is just 30%, 10% in Serie A and 5% in LaLiga.

In Germany, 28% of the deals are with financial companies, 17% of companies are car manufacturers and 5% are energy companies. The other 33% are from various other industries

"One important reason for the presence of financial companies is that these companies acquire the sponsorship after becoming the financial partners of the club and use this position to sell other services, finance players and stadiums and sell bank card to fans," explains the study.

In the NFL, 25% of stadium's naming rights have been sold to financial companies, 13% to car manufacturers and energy companies and telecommunications. Only 19% of stadiums have not sold their naming rights.

"The greatest value these agreements have are the relationships with players," it says as the player represent a great opportunity for the company's marketing as they campaign with beloved stars of the club.

For the company that did the study, the European clubs who have not added commerical names to their stadium, they have "not utilised significant potential" to generate income, which is even greater with the biggest clubs in the world like Real Madrid and Barcelona.