Henderson: "I exploded and I was going to kill Suárez"

The Liverpool captain spoke about wanting to kill Luis Suárez during training but says he is still in contact with the Barcelona striker today.

Henderson: "I exploded and I was going to kill Suárez"

Jordan Henderson appeared on Jamie Carragher's podcast and said he was going to kill Luis Suárez during Liverpool training. In The Greatest Game podcast hosted by the former Liverpool player, Henderson explained just how frustrated he was with the Uruguayan.

"I remember you had a word with Suárez," said Carragher and Henderson knew the day he was referring to. The Uruguayan is famously histrionic and demonstrated his dissatisfation with youngtser Henderson when he joined Liverpool training.

"At the time, again, I was trying to do the best I can do. Being a footballer, there is criticism and people doubting you all the time,' he told his former teammate.

"At that time, I was a young player and there were one or two things Luis did in training that I didn't like and it made me feel I wasn't good enough to be in the same team in training. The arms were up and it was like "what the f***, what's he doing?', like I shouldn't be there.

"That really hurt me. He did it three times and then I exploded and I was ready to kill him. From that point, I had a good relationship with Luis after that. The next game I set him up for his goal away to Stoke. He said before the game to Lucas that I was going to set him up because of what happened during the week."

"He was brilliant with me after that and I was really close to him after that and he was another big player I learned from," said Henderson, who says he is stll in contact with the Barcelona player.