Argentina ARG
Aguero 62', Messi 91' (p)
Uruguay URU
Cavani 33', Luis Suárez 67'

Messi converts late pen to secure draw for Argentina

Messi converts late pen to secure draw for Argentina

Argentina vs Uruguay: as it happened!


That's it from Tel Aviv. A really entertaining game with Uruguay twice taking the lead through Cavani and Suarez but Aguero, the first time, and then Messi, equalised each time for Argentine. The second a penalty in injury time.


Nicolas Gonzalez ends up getting booked after Lautaro Martinez was fouled. Unclear as to why. Must have been something he said.


We have a little bit of a row on the sideline.


Messi rolls it home. Campana jumped the other way and Messi just passed it into the net.


Ball into the box and Lautaro flicks it on with his heel. Caceres has hit arms out and it catches him. Penalty Argentina!




We are into injury time!


Another lovely delivery and Aguero from a similiar position as his goal heads over. It took a nick off a defender and it's a corner.


Guido Rodriguez for De Paul for Argentina.


Brian Rodriguez for Brian Lozano for Uruguay.


Luis Suarez takes a tumble. He rounded a defender and then hit the deck. Didn't look to be much in it but he gets the free.


Messi with a nice stepover and shot. It's blocked. Slightly desperate there from Messi. 


Argentina upping the ante now. Uruguay suffering a little bit. 


Nice move from Laxalt to break down the left. Ball played into the middle and all the way out to the right. Cross comes in and that's literally straight to Andrada. 


It's all Argentina now. 


We are back underway and a cross into the box is sent over by Argentina. Campana taking his time over the goalkick.


We have an injury. Torreira is down with cramp and the referee stops the game.


Another switch for Argentina as Nicolas Gonzalez replaces Paredes.


Aguero plays to Lautaro and he swings a left foot at it. Blocked.


Dybala makes way for Lautaro Martinez. Scaloni going for the win.


Bentacur comes on for Fede Valverde.


Dybala this time. He shoots and Campana saves. He can only turn it around the post. 


Argentina pushing for an equaliser but Uruguay keeping them at arm's length. 


Aguero has come to life. He gets the ball in the penalty area but he skies his effort! That's actually quite poor.


GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Suarez with the free kick and he sends it home. Andrada got a hand to it but he can't keep it out. 2-1. 


Corner delivered and there's a free on Godín, who gets hauled down as the ball lands.


Argentina nearly take the lead. It's Messi again with the effort. He drags it wide and Campana makes the save to turn it around the post.


GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Messi with a perfec free kick and Aguero heads home with a nice glancing effort. 1-1.


Vecino handles the ball. Free for Messi way out on the left. He won't be shooting from here. I mean, he could, but it's more like a corner than a free.


Messi races forward. Dybala plays inside to Aguero but he's going in the opposite direction. A very disjointed display from him tonight. He doesn't know what he's supposed to be doing.


Laxalt on for Cavani. He doesn't look overly excited to be subbed off. He's on a yellow though.


Messi launches it at goal and Campana has to punch it away.


Godín gets himself a booking now for a slide on Dybala. It's late and dangerous. He is lucky he didn't catch him with that one. Dybala even luckier.


Messi tries to send one into the area of the field where Alba is usually racing. Acuna just a step slow though as it bounces out for a goalkick.


Argentina pushing forward again. But, again, no chances.


A rare sighting of Aguero. He runs forward and gets it stolen off him as he runs into trouble. He wasn't really sure what he was doing there.


Argentina play it around the back and Uruguay press them in before working it out. Still no way through that midfield though as Argentina forced to restart time and time again. Messi is the only one breaking lines for them and creating problems.


There's an effort for Argentina. Messi out to the right and Savaria clips it over the bar. 


Teams back out on the field. Argentina ready to kick us off. And that's precisely what they do. 


Just one minute of added time and that is up! HALF-TIME! Cavani's goal the difference.


Messi gives the ball to De Paul after keeping it somehow. De Paul should have done it first time but doesn't and ends up poking it to the keeper. Messi not happy with the ball and knows that was a real chance. 


Messi with his trademark free. Campana makes the save. Slightly acrobatic but he makes the save, which is the important part. Messi lethal from that very distance.


Messi gets absolutely clattered after a nice move by Argentina. Cavani mouthing at Messi now. Vecino with the foul but Cavani gets involved...for some reason. 


Referee gives Paredes a booking too for obstructing Suarez. That's his fourth foul. You can't say he hasn't earned it.


Cavani eventually gets a yellow for mouthing at the ref. He is in a stinker of a mood this evening. He has been on the ref's case since early on. Ref won't listen to any more.


GOAL! Ruled out. Dybala drives it home but there was a free whistled before that. Acuna played the ball inside and Dybala struck first time. It hit his hand, fell to him again and he scored at the second time of asking. Goal doesn't stand.


Argentina doing a lot of huffing but they really haven't created anything. This is the beauty of Uruguay, I guess. They make you feel like you have complete control of proceedings before losing 1-0.


GOAL! That is a beautifully worked goal. Torreira with a wonderful pass over the defender and Suárez hits it first time. Cavani pokes it home. Very, very smart from Uruguay.


Another corner for Argentina. Campana comes out and whiffs at it. Acuna with a foul on Vina as Uruguay start again.


There's a foul by Gonzalez, the sub, on Acuna out on the left. Chance to whip it into the box.


Two evenly matched sides so far even though it looks like Argentina might have a little more in the locker if they really start to get into their stride. Uruguay dangerous on the break.


Uruguay on the attack now as they have a decent spell on the ball. Sent into the back post but far too much on it for Vina. Goal kick Argentina.


Argentina attacking again. Nice and dangerous ball into the back post and Vina is forced to clear. Paredes was lurking and sniffing around for anything he could get. Messi takes the corner.


Cavani wants a card for someone. Paredes with the foul and Cavani chases the ref in search of a card. He's lucky not to get one himself. Heating up in Tel Aviv.


Messi comes to life and sends a ball out to the left. Ball back into the box and it's cleared by Uruguay.


He has some foul language for the linesman, who flagged for the free. In Suarez' defense, it was very soft. He didn't touch the keeper.


There's a chance for Uruguay. Vina races clear and cuts back to Suárez. He shoots with the outside of his foot and it's deflected out. Andrada races out of goal and Suarez is said to have fouled him. 


He has made a miraculous recovery. Uruguay starting to get into the game.


Cavani down in a ball. He hits the deck after a tackle to stop a counter.


Aguero out on the left. He plays it inside to Paredes, who launches one from downtown. A mile over. Looked like it was dipping but it's still up in the air so when it lands, I'll let you know.


Andrada works it out from the back and Cavani nearly steals it off him. A little bit dodgy from Argentina but he ends up catching the ensuing cross and starting a counter. 


Gio Gonzalez replaces Sebastian Coates, who walks off under his own power. He tweaked a muscle, it seems.


Coates is down injured. Looks like a hamstring for the defender. 


Messi again. He beats a couple of players, plays a nice little one-two with Acuna and then curls one into a defender's foot. Out for a corner. 


Ball in from the left to Dybala. He takes it down, shoots and sees his shot blocked. Uruguay survive again.


Valverde playing the same role he does for Madrid as the high-pressing, all-action central midfielder. 


Messi having to drop very deep now but, as usual, he pass into the left back is dangerous. He advances Argentina up the field but Uruguay doing a good job of repelling them so far. 


Dybala has been fouled now and he is in some pain as he grabs his shin. He looks alright though.


Another foul as Uruguay attack. Cavani the man felled this time.


Long ball down to Dybala btut Godín heads away. Messi almost pounces but Uruguay win the second ball too and win a throw.


Caceres gets fouled on the right as Uruguay try to counter after Messi's free. They take the quick free but Lozano is offside.


We have a flat ball as Messi grabs two and tests them. He's happy enough with one of them and puts it down to take a free out on the right. Dangerous delivery into the front post but too many limbs there and Uruguay clear again.


Cavani playing as the number nine for Uruguay with Suárez just out to his right. Haven't seen a ton of ball yet though.


Argentina lose it and Uruguay start a counter before Argentine counter their counter but Messi loses out. 


They make a dart forward but get turned back fairly quickly and have to start again.


All Argentina here. Uruguay content to sit back and take what they cna get. Aguero dropping deep with Dybala sitting in as the number nine. No way through yet for the Argentines.


They work the corner short and Acuna sends it into the box. Nice delivery but headed clear by Uruguay.


Argentina attack. Lovely ball into Aguero and he cuts it back, or at least tries to, but Uruguay get it away for a corner. Decent start from Argentina.


Uruguay with the ball to start and it's Lozano who is surrounded by Argentina player and dispossessed. He wanted a free and it did look like one. Ref says no and it looks like it might be one of those games. Argetina in possession.


We are underway in Tel Aviv. 

Anyway, enough of the history and geography lessons, it's time for some football.

Rio de la Plata

"The estuary formed by the confluence of the Uruguay and the Paraná rivers. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean, forming a funnel-shaped indentation on the southeastern coastline of South America." - that's what the 'River Plate' is according to wikipedia. It's that bay in between Argentina and Uruguay.

The Clasico of Rio de la Plata is how this one is being billed.

A lot of Argentina flags in the crowd as the anthem blares around Bloomfield stadium in Tel Aviv.

The Uruguayan national anthem is up first. 

Uruguay were waiting for Argentina but Messi appears with his teammates and the referees eventually lead them out onto the field. 

We're in business! The players are in the tunnel as Lautaro Martínez and Diego Godín, Inter Milan teammates share a hug and a chat. 

Uruguay have played Argentina 188 times! That is more than any other team. Second on the list is Chile, who they have played 50 times. They have beaten Argentina 58 times, drawn 44 and lost 86 times.

Warm-ups well underway in Tel Aviv. Cavani hasn't had the best of runs with PSG but scored against Hungary last time out.

"Obviously I'd have preferred a different outcome with the Copa América but we've improved in recent games and have an established base in the side," said Scaloni after the Brazil game. He said the goals of these games is to see different players. He goes with a pretty devastating attack of Aguero, Messi and Dybala though and obviously winning would help build some continuity and hope around the national team.

It's another start for Fede Valverde. At 21, he is playing in his 20th international game. 

And this is Oscar Tabarez' 202nd match in charge of Uruguay.

112 games for Suárez and 115 for Cavani. They still can't hold a match to Godín, however, with 134 caps. He's the captain tonight.

Uruguay XI: Campaña, Cáceres, Coates, Godín, Viña, Torreira, Vecino, Valverde, Lozano, Cavani, Suárez.

Argentina XI: Andrada, Saravia, Otamendi, Pezzella, Tagliafico, Paredes, De Paul, Acuña, Dybala, Messi, Aguero.

"When you win, you work better. The ideas of the coach are carried out on the pitch in another way and it is positive for what is coming," said Messi after the Brazil game. He seems confident in the direction Argentina are heading.

Two Barcelona besties going head to head tonight. Ernesto Valverde is in a chapel somewhere in Barcelona praying that they take it easy on each other! They have a big few weeks coming up with Dortmund and Atlético on the horizon.

The Argentina national team coach, Lionel Scaloni, was coy about revealing his starting line up ahead of the game but said that Messi and Aguero will play.

Messi tells Tite to shut up.

Messi supposedly told Tite, the Brazil manager, to shut up during the game. You can watch that here.

To start, Thiago Silva came out and said that Messi was trying to control the referee and he said he always does it. He said that regardless of how good Messi is, he needs to show a little bit more respect.

Both sides are coming off wins. Uruguay beat Hungary in their last game with Edinson Cavani and Brian Rodríguez scoring in a 2-1 win. Argentina are coming off a win over Brazil with Messi scoring the game's only goal. Messi said, "It's always nice to beat Brazil" after the game. It's what was said after the game that has drawn the most attention though.

Hello and welcome to our live online coverage of Argentina vs Uruguay from Tel Aviv, Israel. Bloomfield is the stadium where the game will be played. Pixies, Soundgarden, Phil Collins, The Black Eyed Peas, Scorpions, Barbra Streisand, and Rihanna have all played there. Messi is a much bigger star than any of them though.