Real Madrid's Courtois: "Bale took the mickey with the flag, but he's fully committed to the team"

The Belgian goalkeeper defended Gareth Bale: "He entered Saturday's game fully involved and created a lot of danger. And he set up Modric's goal".

Real Madrid's Courtois: "Bale took the mickey with the flag, but he's fully committed to the team"

Thibaut Courtois joined Zidane to look ahead to tomorrow Champions League game against PSG at the Bernabéu.

Tuesday's game: "We need to make sure we start the game strong and not make the kind of mistake we have made in other games. We are in for a great game right from the second the ball is kicked off right up until the end of stoppage time".

Bale and Militao in this morning's session in Valdebebas

PSG top the group on 12 points; Madrid, second on 7

PSG: "I've got a lot of respect for them, they're a great side. When I was at Chelsea, PSG enquired about me but I was focused on returning to Madrid. You never know what will happen in the future, but I don't think anything will happen in the near future. I'm very happy in Madrid".

Relationship with the Bernabéu: "The only thing I can do is give everything I've got so that I can win over madridistas. You have to earn respect out on the pitch and not with words".

Comparison with Keylor: "In LaLiga, we ended conceding very few goals. As a goalkeeper, you cannot afford to lose self-confidence. The boss sees what I do every day which is the most important thing".

Preparing for PSG: "My routine doesn't change, I work in the same way for every game - I am not thinking about which forwards I will be facing, whether it's Cavani, Neymar or Mbappé. They have a great deal of quality, score a lot of goals and are the best strikers in the world but you need to prepared for every outcome".

Gareth Bale and Real Sociedad's Martin Odegaard after Saturday's game

Courtois comes out in Bale's defence

Gareth Bale: "We're here to win games. What happened, happened with his national team. Gareth gives everything in every training session and every game and he helps us to win. The Bernabéu have their opinion and it's not for me to comment on that".

Neymar: "Players with his quality are always dangerous. He's going to give us a difficult game. We'll have to pull together as a unit to stop him".

Bale's priorities: "It's normal for someone to love their country - and that doesn't change even when you move somewhere else. He took the mickey a bit [with the flag] - he must of got carried away in the euphoria of the moment and obviously he was very happy - but he shows us that he is fully committed, every day he gives his best - he is a complete professional. He was fully involved in Saturday's game as soon as he came on and he created a lot of danger. It was from his cross that Modric scored. If he wasn't bothered, he wouldn't play like that".

Whistles for Bale at the Bernabéu: "We knew it could happen. Like the rest of the team, I was focused only on the game. Obviously you can hear it, but we were in a very tense game and while you can hear it, you aren't aware of what the Bernabéu are whistling about. We know the public is very criticial and always want us to be at 100%".