Simeone worried after Atlético's 8th draw: "We're overanxious"

Atlético were held away at Villarreal and once again struggled in front of goal: "We've got to be calm. What worries me now is being able to win a game".

Diego Pablo Simeone analysed Atlético's goalless draw against Villarreal on Friday - the team's eighth draw of the campaign. The result leaves Atleti sixth in the table but El Cholo's team could drop out of the European places altogether if Getafe gain a result at Eibar on Sunday.

The team looks too rigid, too predictable...

It's normal for anxiety to set in when you create so many chances without being able to put them away. All we can do is keep working and try to remain calm; the more anxiety there is the less precise we'll be. We have to keep calm and it will all click together eventually.

Atlético firing blanks

What is the team lacking in front of goal?

Calmness. The goals will start going in sooner or later, tonight we had some clear chances - especially the ones from João and Lodi, which came from good moves - they did what they needed to do but the ball just didn't go in. Saúl put in a great ball for João who was one-on-one with the keeper, he made the right choice but the ball went just over. Lodi arrived well in the box, got his foot on the ball but it went wide.

Do you think Luis Enrique's presence might have affected some of the players?

I didn't even know he was here, so I doubt they knew. I couldn't say to be honest.

Draw leaves Atlético in sixth on 26 points

Are Atleti too far off the leaders in the table now?

Right now, what worries me most is being able to win a game - once that happens, everything will be seen in a different light.

Are you worried that the team could miss out on a Champions League place?

I'm worried about winning a game, after that, we'll see what happens.