R. Sociedad RSO
Oyarzabal 11' (p), Isak 61'
Barcelona BCN
Griezmann 37', Luis Suárez 48'

Real Sociedad and Barcelona share the points at Reale Arena

Real Sociedad vs Barcelona: as it happened!

Oyarzabal scored the first from a penalty after Sergio Busquets grabbed Llorente's shirt.

Griezmann equalised before the break with a nice chipped finish.

Suarez tapped home after the break for the lead.

Ter Stegen palmed one into the path of Isak, who stroked home to equalise! 

And that's how it went on Saturday afternoon at Anoeta.


GAME OVER! Barcelona drop points at Anoeta ahead of the Clásico. 


There was a load of shirt grabbing there and referee decides neither will be punished as play continues.


Suarez with a cross and Pique hits the ground with Llorente. He wants a penalty and so does Suarez. 


We will have three minutes of added time.


Messi runs down into a black hole. Real Sociedad break. They get slowed down but keep the ball. Cross in from Zaldua and they keep it again.


Real Sociedad retreating too. Very few outlets up front and Barrenetxea launches one across the field looking for Januzaj but it's out for a throw.


Semedo again and his shots is deflected out to Suarez. Real Sociedad somehow block it and come away with it. Barça getting desperate.


Barcelona looking for a late winner. Ball out to Semedo and he feeds Griezmann. Corner.


Oyarzabal off now for Barrenetxea. The captain and first goalscorer makes his way off.


Cross sent in from the left and Semedo takes the safe option as he puts it out for a corner.


Llorente hits the deck after clashing heads with Aleña. The two of them need treatment in the end and both sides down to 10.


Beautiful cross by Januzaj. Headed out and lands to Odegaard's feet. Way off target.


Rakitic's last input was a strike that drifted wide of Remiro's post.


Vidal comes on for Rakitic.


Merino wins the ball back outside the penalty area and threads one through to William Jose. Too close to Ter Stegen.


Jordi Alba off for Semedo.


Busquets off for Aleña.


Rakitic now and he passes to Roberto. Blocked for a corner.


Odegaard threads one through to William Jose but it's passed out of his reach. Good chance.


Real Sociedad with a number of chances now. Oyarzabal heads down and Ter Stegen can only manage to palm it away into the path of a Real Sociedad attacker. The home side are all over them now! 


Odegaard runs at Pique and strikes. It's well wide in the end.


Suarez having a pop at the linesman now. Wanted a free for an earlier clash with Zubeldia. Never arrived.


Willian Jose coming off for Isak. A huge round of applause for the Swede.


GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Isak with the finish. It's 2-2. Cross from the left by Monreal and Ter Stegen parries it out to Isak, who finishes with ease. 


Rakitic drives forward with the ball but it comes off his leg and out for a goalkick. 


Januzaj takes it on the right after it bobbles around in the box for a bit. He tries one with his left but it's well wide. Nice effort but a cross might have been more dangerous.


Portu off for Januzaj. 


Corner comes in and Pique rises highest to head it down. Looks like it's a goal but it's cleared off the line. Incredible save and Pique can't believe it. 


Ball over the top and Roberto takes it. Merino blocks it out for another corner.


Cross into Suarez and he has a chance to volley it but he passes first time into Messi. It was intended for Messi but Remiro grabs it.


Januzaj warming up.


Odegaard strikes and it is blocked up into the air. Ter Stegen grabs it before it goes out for a corner.


Griezmann through on goal. He strikes and Remiro saves. Corner. Good chance for Barcelona.


GOAL! Suarez finishes. Messi remains onside as the ball is popped over the top. He sends it to Suarez and the Uruguayan taps it home.


Lovely cross from Monreal and there's two attackers in the area. Cleared by Barcelona though. Another lively start to this half.


We are back underway for the second half. No changes for either side.


HALF-TIME! Really interesting half. 1-1 after La Real took the lead through Oyarzabal and Griezmann equalised.


One minute of added time.


Barcelona building again. Messi loses it and Busquets with the foul. Real Sociedad get a free and they want a card too but it's not coming.


Real Sociedad a little stunned after that. 


Just like that. Barcelona have struggled at times and Barcelona have never really gotten going but they're level. Lovely chipped finish from Griezmann.


GRIEZMANN! GOAL! Suarez feeds him and he chips it over the keeper. No celebration.


Messi has to try a header after Sergi Roberto kicks a cross into him. He is surrounded and can't take it down so has to head it and he loops it well over. 


Barcelona with lots of very stale possession. Real Sociedad forcing them back every chance they get.


Odegaard with another effort. He sends it wide outside the box with his left foot.


Isak strikes and Pique recovers, blocks it out for a corner.


Oyarzabal tries a sneaky little chipped cross in around the back and it's out for another restart. Real Sociedad much more potent in attack than Barcelona have been. Worrying for Barcelona because if the hosts keep playing like this, they have another goal in them.


Odegaard launches a corner in but it bounces out for a goalkick.


Portu vs Pique. A fun battle as the pair fight for the ball. The former wins the corner. Isak a threat every time he picks up the ball and runs at Barcelona.


Isak out to Portu and then Odegaard. A mazy dribble later and he crosses. Cut out by Barcelona but they're looking really dangerous.


Handball from Portu and it's a free for Barcelona. Not Messi territory because it's about 40 yards out. Messi sends it into Alba and he squares. Real Sociedad scramble clear.


A little lull now after that hectic start. Barcelona trying to figure out the best way through Real Sociedad. No luck as of yet and save a couple of speculative efforts, they haven't had many chances either.


Portu piling the pressure on Barcelona from the restart. Barcelona getting nothing easy here.


Odegaard tries his luck. He drives it wide though. 


Isak breaks. But he was offside. Real Sociedad have looked dangerous. The game might come down to how La Real weather these flurries of strong attack from Barcelona and whether Barcelona can contain the hosts on the break.


Oyarzabal with the ball now and gets crowded out of it and loses possession. Barcelona on the counter. Lovely ball out to Griezmann. He takes it down out on the left and squares but it takes a touch off a defender and bounces up to the keeper. 


Corner for Barcelona. Headed away.


Suarez blasts one on the bounce at Remiro. The keeper saves and Real Sociedad manage to get it away. Barça have upped the ante here.


Isak through again! He can't get close enough to it to swing his left at the ball. Barcelona recover and clear.


GOAL! Oyarzabal with the little stutter step and he sends Ter Stegen the wrong way. 1-0 to Real Sociedad.


Busquets grabbed Llorrente's jersey and it's a penalty.


Corner comes in and Ter Stegen gets slightly lost. But it's a......penalty.


Ter Stegen with a laser pass to Suarez but Real Sociedad win it back and counter. Ball whipped in and Pique heads out over Portu and it's another corner.


Barcelona not really having much luck moving forward so far. De Jong tries to thread one but it's into Remiro's hands. Real Sociedad start again.


Oyarzabal with the ball again. He sends this one over but had Monreal outside him. Probably should have played him in.


Oyarzabal gets the ball from Isak and sends it across goal. Cleare by Pique and out for a corner. Real good start to the game from the home side.

Messi tries a pass inside to De Jong but Real Sociedad cut it out. Barcelona win it back and Portu puts pressure on Ter Stegen.


We are underway! 

Messi at the halfway line with Oyarzabal. Jersey clash is slightly unneccesary.

Messi has scored 12 in his last eight games. Imanol Aguacil says only Messi can stop himself if he doesn't have a bad day! But he does, obviously, have a plan to try and stop him. The Real Sociedad manager knows, however, that it could be futile.

This weekend could be boom or bust for Barcelona and Real Madrid this weekend. Both sides play away from home against two very good sides and they have the Clásico on Wednesday. Barcelona have an extra 36 hours to recover so they'll be looking to wrap this one up as soon as they can and turn attention to the midweek clash. 

Griezmann, Messi and Suarez looked slick against Mallorca in their 5-2 win at the Camp Nou. The French attacker scored and assisted one in that game. 

Griezmann back to where it all began for him in Spain.

Real Sociedad XI: Remiro, Zaldua, Llorente, Zubeldia, Portu, Merino, Oyarzabal, Guevara, Isak, Odegaard, Monreal.


Odegaard starts today. He is having a really good season even if it has coolled off in recent weeks.

Barcelona have won nine of their last all 7 of their last 7 games against Real Sociedad.

It also helps that Arthur is out injured again and can't seem to get any consistency going.


Rakitic gets another start. Valverde says he is playing because he has earned it. His recent resurgence has dimmed talk of a move in January, that's for sure. Several teams were eyeing him with special interest coming from Italy.

Barcelona XI: Ter Stegen, Roberto, Pique, Lenglet, Alba, Busquets, Rakitic, De Jong, Griezmann, Messi, Suárez.

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