Sergio Ramos kept away from the 'dangers' of the Seville night

Darío Silva explains how back in his Sevilla days he would lie to a young Sergio Ramos to keep him away from pretty girls and alcohol.

Sergio Ramos kept away from the 'dangers' of the Seville night

Former Sevilla, Málaga and Espanyol player, Darío Silva, stars in an upcoming Movistar programme in Spain. It will be broadcast on 7 January at 22:00 local time but a short clip from it has been released, one in which the former striker talks about his relationship with Sergio Ramos.

Ramos avoiding pretty girls and alcohol

The now-Real Madrid captain was a youthful figure when he shared the pitch with Silva at Sevilla between 2003 and 2005, and because of this, the experienced pro had tried to keep him away from what he describes as the 'dangers' of the night.

Dario Silva

"He was young," explained Silva regarding the new defender at the club. "I went out at night but I didn't want him [Ramos] to begin that way, to see the night, maybe alcohol, and women...because women get prettier when you're famous.

"He wanted to stick with me but I refused. I told him, 'I can't, we can't go out, I'm not going out.'

"'How not? If everyone is going to go out,' was Ramos' reply. Of course, I had to take him to home," the Uruguayan, who acted as Ramos' driver back then, clarified.

Silva acknowledges that Ramos didn't make it easy for him to head out on his own after the drop-off.

"He kept an eye on me, to see that I continued on to my own house.

"I went towards the entrance for my house but, of course, at the roundabout I turned around. I waited for a little while ... and then when I saw that the lights were on in his house, I knew that he had gone upstairs. Then I would head out in my car.

"The next day he saw me and said: 'You stink of alcohol, I can tell you went out last night!'. 'No I didn't,' I replied, 'I was in my house, but I had a drink there.'

"I was always cheating on him, in little ways."