Almeyda: “I had problems with a boss in Chivas that’s why I left”

San Jose Earthquakes coach Matías Almeyda has confirmed that he had problems with a boss in Guadalajara that caused him to leave the club.

Almeyda: “I had problems with a boss in Chivas that’s why I left”

After months of speculation about why he walked out of a hugely successful stint at Chivas, Matias Almeyda confirmed that he left because he had problems with one of his superiors.

Internal disagreements had been rumoured to be behind the coach's departure in 2018 and today he confirmed those rumours were true during an interview with TyC sports. “What we experienced in Mexico was very strong because I found an institution with a lot of passion, a team that represents a whole country. Chivas have 40 million fans and it was about to be relegated. In only two years and a half years we played in 7 finals, which we won 5. I had to leave because I had problems with one of the bosses at that time”.

In 2018, one of the bosses at Chivas was Jose Luis Higuera. It is believed that he was the man that forced Almeyda to quit after winning 5 finals. Another rumour was that not only he had problems with Higuera but he had a discussion with the now presidente, Amaury Vergara. During that time, Francisco Gabriel de Anda was also working at Chivas but he left at the same time Almeyda left because he was not happy how the situation was managed.

In almost three years managing Chivas, Almeyda led the team to seven finals, winning five of them: Liga MX (Clausura 2017). 2 Copa Mx (Apertura 2015 and Clausura 2017), the Supercopa MX (2016) and the CONCACAF Champions League (2018).

Almeyda is very happy in the MLS

Now, Almeyda is managing San Jose Earthquakes in the MLS and says he couldn't be happier - so much so that he even decided not to take up an offer to coach Argentina's national team. “I came a year ago and they let me work freely, but most importantly is that they believe in my work. I know I can win with this team but it’s going to take me a few years to take them where I want to take them. The day I return to Argentina I will never leave again and right now is not the moment to go back,” he said.

Almeyda also said he always admired the MLS and he has seen how much improvement there has been throughout the years.