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Federico Valverde 114'

Real Madrid beat Atlético Madrid on penalties to seal Super Cup

Sergio Ramos scored the winning penalty as Real Madrid beat Atlético Madrid on penalties to win the Spanish Super Cup.

Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid: as it happened

RAMOS! He slots it home and Real Madrid with the Spanish Super Cup 4-1 on penalties.

Ramos to take, obviously.

Buries that one too. 3-1.

Trippier to take and he has to score this.

He scores. 3-0 now.

Modric taking.

Saved. 2-0 and Real Madrid have a chance to make it 3-0.

Partey up next.

He absolutely buries it. 2-0. That was a special penalty.

Rodrygo vs Oblak.

He hits the post. 1-0 it remains. Real Madrid with the chance now to make it 2-0.

Saul follows Carvajal up.

Carvajal sends Oblak the wrong way. 1-0.

The first one to take a penaly is Carvajal. Waiting for Oblak.

Lots of players on the ground. All of them exhausted. Not clear yet who is taking them but let's see.


Feels inevitable. PENALTIES!


We have added time now after the red card and the skirmish that followed.


Game is back and forth now. No real chances but it feels like every change of possession is game-changing. Vinicius with a cross and it's over everyone.


Modric fouled by Partey.


Correa with the cross after saved shot. Courtois grabs it.


Correa drives it across goal. Nearly goes in. Courtois keeps it out. Corner for Atletico. What an end to this game.


Correa booked too for good measure.


Yellows for Carvajal, Savic. And I'm not sure who else.


Yellow cards for everyone.


Morata is through on goal! Valverde cuts him down. RED CARD! 


Mendy down as Correa catches him. 


Reminder of a yellow card for Valverde. The ref caught up with him after fouling Morata. 


All sorts of scenes now as Atletico drive forward. Llorente is through on goal and he gets it taken off him.


Two excellent saves from Oblak. Modric first and then Mariano. 


Valverde is still going. He wins a corner for Real Madrid.


Courtois comes out and misses the punch. Shot comes in and he saves after recovering. Incredible.


Corner for Atletico. Trippier cross is blocked by Mendy.


We are back underway for the second half.




Into the second minute of the first half of extra time.


Ball is sent in and Ramos is close but it's wide. They want a corner but it caught Varane's hand.


Saul clips Carvajal out on the right and Real Madrid have a chance to deliver this one into the box.


Vinicius on for Toni Kroos.


Felix off for Arias.


Kroos drills one over the bar from outside the area. It just shows the small amount of chances in this game when that one was considered really, really close. Good effort, not great.


Gimenez taken off for Savic. He throws a wobbler after being substituted.


Modric in the penalty area and he takes a touch. Clipped by a defender's back who had gone to ground. No penalty as some claim and Atletico clear.


Madrid trying to build something now but Atletico shutting down the shop. Cagey affair although it wasn't always like that. Both sides running on fumes.


Modric clips Felix and it was in a dangerous position. No card though. Modric on thin ice now.


Mendy seems to catch Correa but no free. The Argentine stays down on the ground.


Corner in and Gimenez heads it wide. It was a glancer as he couldn't get over the ball to hit it with any pace.


Lovely move by Atletico. Vitolo strikes under pressure from Ramos and Courtois saves it. Corner for Atletico. Flowing move from them and a great chance.


Oh! Mendy tries one from miles out and it's just wide of Oblak's post. He had the keeper scrambling.


We are underway for the first half of extra-time in the Spanish Super Cup final.

Mendy having a chat with Zidane at the break. The teams are ready to kick back off again. But not before Ramos and Oblak go up for the toss. Let's go...again.


GAME OVER! To extra-time we go.


Thomas with the shot from miles out. Courtois parries.


Yellow for Modric for a slide and foul on Trippier.


Free is sent in and Madrid get it away but the ball is anyone's now as time runs out.


Mendy booked for a foul on Morata. He catches him with a stray hand.


That was the chance. Rodrygo has a strike and Oblak stops it. Ball in from the right and it falls to Rodrygo. 


Looks like extra-time will indeed be necessary.


We will have three minutes added on at the end of this one. And then extra-time if necessary.


Atletico hanging on now.


Lodi off for Llorente as Saul is put left-back.


A couple of crosses in the last minute. A couple of chances for Real Madrid. First once is punched out by Oblak. This one takes a touch of Mariano and drifts wide.


Mariano streaks forward but his touch is too heavy and he loses it. Understanable that his touch is a little heavy.


Ball shot by Valverde. It takes a bounce of a defender and into the air. Mariano is sniffing around but it's head up into the sky and then down to Oblak.


Cross sent in and Mariano challenges Oblak for it, kind of, with the Slovenian coming down with it. Frustration for both sides.


Jovic is replaced by Mariano.


Another attack down the left and it breaks down. Ramos puts it out and Valverde recovers it. Nutmeg and then rounds another defender. 


Another corner. This time Gimenez fouls Casemiro with a push before the ball is delivered.


Lovely ball into Morata. Courtois saves but he made it really easy for the keeper. Corner but it should have been a goal.


Game is opening up. But Carvajal can't make Atletico pay after a good move. Cross is straight into Oblak's hands.


Felix does well to win a free as he is surrounded and Modric clips his ankle. Some relief for Atletico as Madrid had started to build up a head of steam moving forward.


Casemiro finds Rodrygo. Madrid probing.


Morata might be unlucky to foul Casemiro. He pleads with the referee but no use. The whistle has blown, decision made.


Rodrygo tries to counter and gets fouled not once by twice. Partey the last lad to foul him and he rightfully gets booked for swiping his legs from under him.


Atletico working it into the box and Trippier tries to find Correa with a little side-footed pass. Courtois grabs it.


Vitolo plays Lodi in and it seems to take a bounce just before he hits it. A mile over the bar.


There's the miss of the game. Jovic with a cross into the boc that takes a defelction into the air. Valverde heads down into his own knee and it's wide. Weird.


Felix and Valverde battle is a good one. The clatter into each other again and Felix wins the free again.


Morata bundles Casemiro over in what will definitely win the clumsiest challenge of the game award. 


Ramos off the field recieving treatment.


He's in same but it looks like he will be able to play on. Maybe.


Ramos could be in trouble here as he jumps with Morata and hurts his ankle. Looks like he's twisted his ankle.


Isco is making way for Rodrygo.


Modric tries a shot after making a nice angle for himself and it's well wide. Oblak doesn't even need to dive but he was tracking it closely.


Vitolo on for Herrera. Simeone makes the first change.


Free for Atletico and the player surround him looking for a yellow. Valverde pulled him back but no card.


Atletico just can't get a hold of the ball.


Jovic with another shot. It's blocked and almost falls to Casemiro but Trippier clears it. Good start to life in the second half from Real Madrid.


Ooooh! Jovic takes it down and drives a shot wide of the post. Really well done by the Serbian striker.


Corner whipped in and it's headed up by Gimenez with Oblak behind him telling him to leave it. Bounces up to Oblak, who eventually does grab it.


Jovic races forward and manages to hold off a couple of players. He wins a corner as Gimenez gets a foot in to scoop it away. 


Valverde a little over zealous as he tries to win it back off Lodi. Free for the Atletico player.


Corner for Atletico now and it's cleared by Real Madrid but only as far as an Atletico player.


We are back underway for the second half. Also confirmation that there were no changes at the break.

They emerge back out onto the field ready for the second half. Looks like no changes for either side.

The teams are in the tunnel now. Well, it's actually more like a hall. 

Jovic the player with the least number of touches in that half. He had 10 and none of them were in the penalty area.

HALF-TIME! Not much to write home about really. But stick with us! We can't guarantee it will get better but even if it doesn't, we will have extra-time and penalties to look forward to together.


Another corner as Kroos jogs over to take.


Kroos with a nice cross and Casemiro heads it onto the roof of the net. Oblak looked to have it covered but a decent effort nonetheless.


Cross headed out by Atletico and Real Madrid win a corner.


Correa somehow keeps the ball for ages inside the box. He shoots, no wait, he doesn't, it was Felix. It's blocked. Then it bounces up to Saul, who tries a chilena and that bounces to Courtois. Very nervy times for Real Madrid.


Valverde into Casemiro in the middle. He tries a first-time pass out to Carvajal but he didn't take into account that Carvajal isn't the Flash.


Mendy cuts inside and gets on the wrong side (for Trippier) of the defender. The left-back shoots and it's saved by Oblak. Nice work from Mendy, who has been dangerous so far.


Carvajal tries a cheeky little chip into the penalty area and Oblak it across to grab it.


Now Real Madrid, through Kroos, gives it away but he wins it back. 


A chance for Atletico to break and cause problems but Felix gives it away.


Lodi intercepts a pass into the penalty area and he strides out with it before giving it away with a poor pass. Real Madrid getting to grips with Atletico now but still not creating much.


Valverde links with Carvajal again. He crosses and it's quite clearly blocked by Felix but the linesman gives a goalkick. Really strange one.


Valverde drives Madrid forward and plays to Carvajal. Cross is blocked. Game opening up a little bit now but that was from a counter. 


Isco thinks he is away.... but the ref pulls the play back for fouling Herrera.


Isco heads the corner wide at the front post.


Mendy races forward and tries to find Jovic in the area. Atletico work it out well after winning it back but Trippier's clearance is chested down by Ramos and Madrid go again. Ball whipped into the box and it's headed out for a corner. 


Varane races forward as he tries to make a little noise. Stopped by Lodi and it's out for a throw for Real Madrid. Atletico's good start has started to wane but they're still comfortable defending. Real Madrid haven't created anything.


Cross comes in from Valverde again. It's way off target and Valverde isn't happy with himself as he slaps himself on the head. 


Felipe gets a yellow card for a foul on Jovic. Slightly harsh maybe but ref draws the line.


Lodi cross blocked for a throw to Atletico.


A little bit of room now for Madrid as Kroos finds Isco, who plays to Valverde. Ball clipped in and Atletico clear it. Casemiro crosses it now and it's cleared. Ramos tried to put the ball back to Courtois and Morata nudges him in the back. Easy decision for the referee.


Lodi catches Carvajal in the face as the ball is sent out between them. Late whistle from the referee. Free for Real Madrid.


This is really good from Atletico. Correa with a run deep into their territory in the penalty area now but Ramos covers well and clears. 


Felix with a pass to Saul and he lets it run before swiping a boot at it. It comes off Carvajal and out for a corner.


Madrid unable to bring the ball out and into the middle in the last 10 minutes. Atletico are forcing them back quite well. Another instance as Lodi chests down a long pass to Partey and he finds Morata. Shot! The former Madrid man rifles it wide of Courtois' post from outside the box.


A sense of panic every time Atletico get the ball in attacking positions. Correa with the ball now and tries to square but Varane blocks it out. Madrid win it back.


More pressure from Atletico in some nice places in the middle and Felix almost pounces. Varane scrapes it back to Courtous. 


A penalty shout just seconds later as Morata goes down. Courtois came out and didn't touch him before Morata threw his feet towards the keeper. Probably should have been booked for a dive.


Felix with the best chance of the game yet. Ramos plays the ball straight to Felix at the edge of the square. And the Portuguese pulls it wide.


Trippier gets upended by Isco. He chests it down and Isco catches him with a knee in the side.


Ball across the field lands on Modric's chest but he plays it down onto his arm. Free for Atletico. Very tame start to this game. 


Atletico with a spell of dominance now. Television pans to Costa, Lemar and Koke in the stands watching the game, all of them injured.


Ramos tries to take it past his old pal, Morata, and Morata trips him up. 


Gimenez goes for the launcher. It's out in Trippier's direction but Mendy uses his body to see it out for a goalkick.


Shot comes in from Modric, off his right foot. Saved by Oblak as the ball makes its way through a tunnel of bodies and heads.


Casemiro to Isco and he plays back to Kroos. Mendy gets it and back to Kroos. Valverde ends up with it out on the right and he flicks it over Lodi before winning a corner. Saul rushed over as help. Corner.


Some good pressure from Atletico in the middle as Morata drops to poke the ball off Casemiro. Valverde wins it though and Madrid build again. 


A couple of throws in quick succession for Atletico. Herrera bundles Kroos over with the ball in the air and Madrid win a free.


Lodi down the lft and Felix picks it up, looks up and makes ground moving inside. He gives it away but Atletico win a throw.


Felix with a nice chance to break but Modric puts him under pressure and wins it back. It results in a Casemiro strike with his left. He curls it into Oblak's arms. 


Morata down the right of the penalty area and pops it inside. Carvajal head it away. Dangerous from Atletico after winning it back from Isco in a dangerous position.


Real Madrid with all the ball early on but Atletico win it back now and try to attack. Trippier prying down the right.


No big surprise with Atlético settling into their 4-4-2 formation but Joao Felix presses Courtois and Real Madrid work it out from the back. Long ball down to Oblak is a handy first touch for him.


We kick-off just a touch after 19:00 but we are officially underway in the Spanish Super Cup final.

Ramos and Oblak up with the Super Cup between them.

It's the fifth Madrid derbi outside of Madrid in the last six years including two Champions League finals, a Spanish Super Cup and a friendly in New Jersey last summer. They were all really interesting and three of them went to extra-time. One of them, the most recent, was Atlético's 7-3 win over them in the summer, which was fascinating for its own reasons.

There we are! They all stream out onto the field.

The referees stand at the front line. The players behind them and they are all ready to emerge out onto the field.

Teams in the tunnel ahead of their game. Vrsaljko (remember him?) hugs Modric. Morata also has a hug for his former teammate.

A lot of empty seats. A big change from the some of the last finals these teams have played against each other in Lisbon and Milan.

Butragueño says: "We are playing against an opponent who compete well, defend phenomenally and have players up top who are very quick."

Just six months into his career with Atlético and Trippier is on for a trophy. 

The warm-ups are underway in Jeddah. The temperature in Saudi Arabia is 22 degrees before kick-off and kick-off is at 21:00 local time so that should drop. Perfect conditions for a game of football.


Zidane hasn't lost any of the eight finals he has played as a coach. Winning this weekend's Spanish Super Cup would put him four trophies behind Miguel Muñoz. He's the coach with the Midas touch in finals.

Modric, Kroos and Casemiro are back in midfield with Isco and Valverde for support today. The Croatian in that pack defines the German in this video.

Simeone decides to leave Herrera and Partey in the middle despite the fact that it didn't really work against Barcelona. Llorente came on and played well but remains on the bench for Simeone.

Zidane opts for five in the middle again and Jovic up top on his own. You wonder if he is thinking about Manchester City with these line-ups as he plans to pack the middle against Pep's side.

Mendy retains his place despite Marcelo's return to full fitness. He'll have to keep tabs on a wandering Joao Felix and Kieran Trippier down the right hand side of Atlético's midfield too.

Real Madrid XI: Courtois, Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Mendy, Valverde, Casemiro, Modric, Kroos, Isco, Jovic.

Atletico Madrid XI: Oblak, Trippier, Felipe, Gimenez, Lodi, Correa, Herrera, Thomas, Saul, Felix Morata.

The #SuperDerbi takes place tonight, or at least that's what it has been dubbed for online purposes. Is it even a real derby if it doesn't have it's own hashtag?

Koke came on and sparked Atlético to take the lead after 17 seconds of the second half. He went back off against though as he re-injured his hamstring. It gives Simeone the chance to play around with his midfield again today. Herrera came off for him but Marcos Llorente came on and played well. He would love the chance to play against his former team.

We should have teams news landing soon!

It might seem like a meaningless game but we saw that against Barcelona, Atlético Madrid were as eager to win as though it was the Champions League final and likewise Barcelona once we were in the thick of things. Simeone says the final and playing against teams like Real Madrid make them a better team.

Today might be a good chance for us to see what Zidane is thinking at left-back. Marcelo is back fully fit but so is Mendy. The Brazilian has been his de facto choice at that position for years but Mendy offers more defensive solidity. They are better with the French man in the side even if they do lose something going forward, perhaps. 

There were a lot of question marks about Angel Correa's ability to make a place for himself in the Atlético Madrid team this season. He has answered most of them. Involved in six goals in the last four games and is the spark Simeone's side have needed recently. No doubt that he gets the start today.

Florentino Perez flew in to watch the final and took some time to mingle with the Jeddah fan group ahead of the game.

Atletico Madrid

A history of Atlético and Real Madrid and Atlético in Super Cup finals. The rojiblancos hold an edge over their crosstown rivals.

How did they get here, I can hear you asking. Here's how:

Real Madrid beat Valencia in their semi-final.

Atlético Madrid beat Barcelona in their semi-final.

And I can hear the cogs churning behind your eyes as to how these four teams ended up in Saudi Arabia when the Spanish Super Cup was traditionally played at the start of the year between the league winners and Copa del Rey winners from the previous years.

Here's how they ended up in a four-team miniature tournament in Saudi Arabia.

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Spanish Super Cup from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid do battle for the fifth time in six years outside of Spain and not one of those games has disappointed either.

Kick-off is coming your way at 19:00 CET but we will have all the latest news, teams and coverage of the build-up for until then. 


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