Iniesta: Valverde situation is "a bit ugly"; Barça must respect the coach

Andrés Iniesta has given his take on the coaching situation at Barcelona and believes the club have shown a lack of respect to Ernesto Valverde.

Iniesta: Valverde situation is "a bit ugly"; Barça must repsect the coach

Andrés Iniesta has given an interview on Spanish radio channel Onda Cero, where he discussed the current situation at Barcelona regarding the coaching position and criticised the club for their treatment of Ernesto Valverde.

Valverde situation: "What comes to my mind a little, if all this is so, is that the way everything is being done is a bit ugly. I think that there should always be respect for the coach… The boss’s position has been left very weakened. "

Relationship with Bartomeu and the Barça board: “I have not seen them or talked to them. We don’t really talk much, but my relationship is good with the president, the same as when I was here.”

Personal relationship with Valverde: “My relationship with the boss is very good. During the year we have been talking some times. Really beyond whether we like the coach or not, I think the situation is not pleasant for anyone: the coach, the team or the fans.”

Iniesta: "Xavi knows best"

Xavi and Koeman as possible future Barça coaches: "There is a case for everyone. The case of Guardiola who was at Barça B and then he took over the first team ... The one who knows best is Xavi, he will have analyzed all the variables that there can be and let's see what happens. Koeman has a lot of experience as a coach and Xavi is starting out now. But a lot of times experience counts for nothing. Both of them have been at Barça and know the club.”

His own future as a coach: “I still don't have a coaching licence and I want to get one. But I still have some business left on the pitch. My idea is to continue playing next year, I still get a lot of excitement from it and this year I've enjoyed everything.”

A final farewell for Spain: “It would be nice to play a final farewell match. Because of the calendar and everything I guess it’s not easy. I don’t know if it has been done with other players. My stage with Spain ended but it would be a matter of talking to see if it’s possible or not.”