PSG: Mbappé cedes penalty to Neymar to avoid another crisis

Mbappé continues his fine form with PSG and scored two against his former side, Monaco, recently as well as giving a penalty to Neymar.

PSG: Mbappé cedes penalty to Neymar to avoid another crisis

Kylian Mbappé continues his meteoric rise with PSG. His performance against Monaco during the week came with two more goals and he continues to add to his tally this season. He has scored 21 goals in 22 games in all competitions.

The young striker's importance to PSG is more than just goals. He is the leader of the team and has jumped ahead of Neymar in Tuchel's squad. There was one instance during the game against Monaco that outlined this when the referee awarded PSG a penalty.

Mbappé took the ball and marched towards goal with the idea of improving his impressive goalscoring record. Neymar had other plans though and Mbappé gave him the ball. Mbappé essentially gave up the chance to score a hat-trick by giving the ball to Neymar as he scored his second later in the game during the rout.

This is in contrast to when Dani Alves grabbed the ball and handed it to Neymar when Cavani wanted to hit it two years ago, sparking a debate over who was running the show at the club. Back then, there was no clear system of who was in charge. Alves wanted his friend to take it and it led to a fall-out that lasted months.

Now, it's Mbappé who grabbed the ball. He wanted to take it but opted to cede the chance to make it 2-0 for the sake of harmony. Mbappé is PSG's leader and that's becoming more clear every week.