Wuhan Zall train in Spain under watchful eye of health ministry

TheChinese Super League side are coached by Andalusian José Manuel González López and are in Málaga for a training camp.

Wuhan Zall train in Spain under watchful eye of health ministry

Chinese Super League side Wuhan Zall, who are coached by Spaniard José Manuel González López, are holding a training camp in Málaga this week after travelling from Shanghai via Istanbul, prompting the Spanish health authorities to deploy a special advisory unit to keep an eye on the players after the coronavirus outbreak in their hometown that has so far claimed the lives of over 100 people and led to the complete quarantine of the city of some 11 million inhabitants.

However, Wuhan Zall were not present at the epicenter when the virus was first detected having made the journey to Shanghai – around 1,000km from Wuhan – on 2 January to begin their pre-season preparations.

Andalusia assures residents "no trace of coronavirus"

The squad was allowed to leave China and arrived in Málaga after displaying “no symptomatology related with the virus,” experts from the Andalusia regional health authority reported.

The Andalusian Assessment Advisory department assigned to monitoring the region’s borders for signs of the coronavirus have issued a message to local residents and Wuhan’s squad, staff and other members of the expedition that there is absolutely no trace of the virus among the travelling party. Wuhan Zall are planning to remain in Málaga until the middle of February ahead of the start of the 2020 Chinese Super League season.