Arda Turan releases letter to avoid row at Galatasaray

The former Galatasaray player says the club is more important than him and says he is still a fan but appreciates the decision not to sign him.

Anadolu Agency Getty Images

The Arda Turan situation has provoked a stand-off at Galatasaray between the president and the manager of the team. The president is against signing Turan but the manager says Galatasaray should take their former player back. The Turkish player's future remains up in the air with just a few days to go in the January transfer market. 

Turan has released a note today thanking Fatih Terim, who has said he would love to have the former Atlético Madrid and Barcelona player in his team. the 32-year-old says he does not want to sign with the club if it creates conflict at the club but has said in the past that he wants to retire at Galatasaray.

"When I went to Atlético, I explained in my heart that I am a Galatasaray fans," he said. "I did the same at Barcelona. Belonging to this club is always a source of pride for me. Sometimes I made mistakes and I have had to deal with the consequences. But something that makes me proud is that I have never made a mistake when it came to Galatasaray."

"The most important thing is Galatasaray and not Arda Turan," he continued. "I respect the management's decision. I want to give thanks to Fatih Terim, the fans and the board. Terim has always helped when I needed it. He was always with me in the difficult moments. He is like family to me and he will always be there for me."

Turan has to look for a new home and he only has a couple of days to do find one. He will not return to Barcelona even to take part in training. His agent continues to offer him to clubs including Boca Juniors.