Real Madrid: Kylian Mbappé reacts to Benzema goal

The PSG forward wasn't slow in liking the goal image published by Karim Benzema on Saturday following another incident with manager Thomas Tuchel.

Real Madrid: Kylian Mbappé reacts to Benzema goal

Kylian Mbappé has given a further nod in the direction of Real Madrid. Well that's certainly how some eager fans are perceiving the 'like' on Instragram from the Paris Saint Germain striker to the photos published by Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos and Vinicius celebrating the derby goal.

Mbappé 'likes' Madrid goal pics

The French youngster was making headlines again on Saturday after his reaction to being substituted against Montpellier. With the score 5-0 Thomas Tuchel replaced Mbappé and had to grab him as he was leaving the field, at which point they exchanged some words. The player was clearly unhappy as he sat on the bench.

Mbappé no dudó en 'celebrar' la victoria del Real madrid en Instagram

Following the game, Tuchel was asked about the incident and refused to rule out punishment for the player, saying that he had "explained to him why we did this" and that it would continue like that. "I will always decide the technical aspects," clarifed the manager.

Mbappé has been strongly linked with a move to Real Madrid and any spat with the Parisien club just stokes that particular fire a little more.