Real Madrid ready for Reinier

Academy player Víctor Chust has freed up number '19' from the squad, which will be handed to the new Brazilian youngster, ready for first team duty.

El Madrid hace sitio a Reinier
Lucas Figueredo CBF

Real Madrid continue their preparations for the arrival to Castilla of their new Brazilian gem Reinier, with a shirt number already sorted out for him.

Reinier 19 ready

There is a lot of excitement around the 18-year old, who is currently in Colombia on Pre-Olympic duty with his countrymen until the tournament ends on 9 February. Los Blancos have squad number 19 lined up for him, until now owned by Victor Chust, and it is the one that the midfielder was wearing in the Flamengo first team, as well as with the Brazil U23s these past few weeks.

Chust, the young central defender, already appears on the club's official website with his new number, 4. That freed up the desired number for Raúl's new recruit soon to be joining.

Reinier for Brazil U23s

Reinier for Brazil U23s

This gesture is a wonderful welcome for young Reinier as he was hoping to keep wearing the shirt number that he has become accustomed to in his fledgling career. And the idea is that this will not only be for his appearances at Castilla but also when he makes the step up to the first team squad. The loan move of Odriozola to Bayern Munich means that there is no one else wearing 19, and if this is also the situation next season then it is likely that he will be able to maintain it. Fans, as well as the management teams at Madrid, are keen to see if the youngster can live up to the high expectations that have been set.