Guardiola: "If Hazard's not playing well, something's going on"

Pep Guardiola sat down and spoke to Dj MaRiio about his worst ever defeat and the 2-6 win over Real Madrid to win his first league title with Barcelona.

Guardiola, en una entrevista con DjMaRiiO.
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Pep Guardiola has given an interview to Post United and spoken to the famous YouTuber, DjMaRiio. The manager of Manchester City spoke about Eden Hazard and whether the former Barcelona player would have the ability to play football in today's game.

The 2-6: "When people ask me about the title I've won that gets me most excited in my career as a manager, I say that it's the first league I won with Barcelona. That 2-6 came on the back of 12 victories in a row for them. They lost the next four. We knew that if we lost that game with the team that they had, it would have been difficult. It was a great day."

Hazard: "If he's not playing well, something's going on at Madrid because he is really good. Not a top player, another level above. What we saw in England... he is world class. The whole world knows that you need a period of adaptation."

Talent at City: "Foden is really good. He will be amazing. We don't have a release clause. You'll have to negotiate with me."

You said you did nothing of note during your time as a player: "I've never been as honest in my life. The Barcelona way helped me. I sometimes look at games from then and I think I couldn't play now. Now, they are better prepared. I don't say that they are much better than before because we have to be careful, there is technology now to help the learning. Before, we put the ideas on a chalkboard and played but now it's different. The doctors, physios, everything."

De Bruyne: "To play at Madrid? Florentino will have to call me."

The Champions League: "City was a club that for a decade wanted to just stay in the Premier League but then suddenly, they were bought by people from Abu Dhabi and they took a leap forward and won four leagues in a decade. The only thing they don't have is a Champions League and it's normal that people ask for it. It's good that they ask for it. I will try, and if not this year then next year... the world won't end if you don't win it."

Most difficult game: "The 0-4 loss to Madrid with Bayern."

Do you miss the Clásicos? "A little bit, yes. Every year it was the game of the century. Here it is very different. In terms of the media, it's totally different."