Real Madrid making plans for Reinier's presentation

The player will fly from Rio de Janeiro to Madrid on Friday and he will start to train with Castilla next week. Real Madrid are putting together plans for his presentation.

El Madrid activa el Plan Reinier.

Reinier is complete immersed in the process of moving his life to Spain. The player will returned to Rio de Janeiro after the pre-Olympics in Colombia where he helped Brazil seal their spot in the Olympic Games next summer. he is currently preparing all of the logistics for his move to Madrid. His bags are packed and he's ready to go and he will fly out of Brazil on Friday.

Real Madrid wanted him to come to the capital sooner but the club have given him a little but more time to tie up all the loose ends of what is a laborious process. The Brazilian will start training with Raúl's Castilla next weekend or soon after, most likely Monday.

Reinier's Real Madrid presentation

They are also trying to organise the best date for his presentation as a Madrid player with the most feasible option looking like it might be Monday 17 February with nothing set in stone as of yet. Madrid are keen to give him a proper welcome because they paid €30 million for him and the plan is for him to stay this season and six more.

The Brazilian will wear the number 19, the same number he will wear in the first team squad. Madrid are excited for their new player having passed the pre-Olympics test as the youngest member of Jardine's squad. He played 183 minutes with two starts during the tournament.