Man City UEFA ban ignites Guardiola dreams for Juventus

Pep Guardiola has a contract until 2021 and the Italian champions, who are not going through their best time, may see this as their chance.

The incredible sanctions that UEFA have placed on Manchester City have been welcomed in various quarters, but possibly none more so that in certain parts of Italy. Juventus fans never had too much enthusiasm with the arrival of Maurizio Sarri last summer, and the bianconeri dream in recent times has been to see Pep Guardiola lead their team of stars. There is a feeling that this may have just moved closer to being a reality.

Guardiola and Cristiano

Italian giants Juve did try to bjring in the Catalan coach, but in 2019 it was impossible for Guardiola to leave City. Both parties accepted this but left with what felt like a ‘see you soon’.

Guardiola's contract ends in 2021 and he said recently that he wanted to continue with the English side as they look to return to the top of the Premier League after the incredible surge this season of Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool. But with a Champions League ban to exclude the club for two seasons, decisions may change.

Another chapter for Pep?

Pep has a special relationship with Italy, after his time as a player with Brescia, and he has never hidden his desires to try his luck as a coach in Serie A. After winning titles in Spain, Germany and England, this change would be a new challenge for him in his career, as he would look to set new records.

Although Juventus state publicly to the contrary, Sarri's position is less solid than ever, winning just one of his last four games. They are used to success in Turin. They demand success. And this may be the chance to line up Guardiola with Cristiano Ronaldo.