Southern Legion welcome Rodolfo Pizarro to Inter Miami

Rodolfo Pizarro landed in Miami, where he was welcomed by the team’s first fan group, the Southern Region, who were very happy with his signing.

Southern Legion welcomed Rodolfo Pizarro to Inter Miami

The new season of Major League Soccer is about to start and the new franchise team, Inter Miami, will be playing their first game against LAFC in California. David Beckham’s franchise is one of the two new teams for the 25th season of MLS.

Even though the team is new it already has a lot of supporters who have been waiting for years to have an MLS team to root for. One of the most popular groups of fans that have been formed is the Southern Legion, who welcomed Rodolfo Pizarro when he landed in Miami earlier this week.

The Southern Legion is a group formed by Hispanic fans of Inter Miami and that is why they were so happy to welcome the 25-year-old Mexican midfielder. One of their most popular members is well-known journalist Fernando Fiore, who is also known as “The President” and he has helped to increase the popularity of the team in the city.

Another known member of the Southern Legion is Xhiky, who is the entertainment reporter of the group and he is the one in charge of looking for interviews and the one who posts all videos on social media of what goes on in the group.

The supporters are more than ready to see what this team can do in its first season in Major League Soccer and they want to be known as one of the best fanbases in the league.