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Lampard doesn’t know when Christian Pulisic will be fit to play again

Pulisic remains out for Chelsea and his manager Frank Lampard says he doesn’t know when the player will return because the injury is difficult to assess.

Lampard doesn’t know when Christina Pulisic will be fit to play again

Christin Pulisic has been out since 1 January when he suffered an adductor injury and his manager Frank Lampard admitted he can’t give an exact date on when the United States winger will be back.

The news broke after Chelsea's victory against Tottenham Hotspurs this Saturday at Stamford Bridge. During the press conference Lampard was satisfied with the 2-1 win but when asked about Pulisic he said that the injury he suffered is very difficult to assess.

Christian Pulisic is not fit yet and I can’t give an exact date for his return because it is a very complicated one but we are working with him very hard so he is healthy as soon as possible,” Lampard said.

Frank Lampard has decided to take things slowly because when Pulisic returned in January from the injury he suffered in December things took a turn for the worse, with the player having not played since then. Hence the reason to take things week by week and the insistence on knowing the player is fully fit when he returns.

Chelsea’s next games

Chelsea play Bayern Munich on February 25th for the first leg of the Round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League at Stamford Bridge. After that game they visit Bournemouth on February 29 on League duty.