Real Madrid: Raúl teaching former teammate Reyes' son

José Reyes thanked the current Castilla coach for giving his advice as he rises through the ranks at the club's academy where his father played.

José Antonio Reyes López (15-10-2007), is one of the shining stars at Real Madrid's academy, as he showed during LaLiga's Promises competition last December. In Abu Dhabi, he scored four goals in the final and won the MVP trophy along with the tournament's top goalscorer. His development stopped in February when he left the field after suffering a bad shoulder injury after being steamrolled by the opposition's goalkeeper. His return to the field is close though.

"Thanks for your advice Raúl @raulgonzalez, an example on and off the field," he said on social media recently alongside a picture of the current Castilla manager and former teammate of his father.

The young striker was at Leganés academy where he finished as the champion and top scorer of the national academy tournament, which was played in Ciudad Real. Florentino Pérez was the one who signed him after his father died in a car accident. Up to now, he is thriving despite the pressure that comes with his surname.

Raúl and Reyes, the father of young Jose, played together at Real Madrid. They played just one season together but it was a successful one as Reyes scored six goals, Raúl scored seven and they won the 2006-07 LaLiga title. The current Castilla coach was one of those in attendance in Sevilla to offer his condolences to the family at Reyes' funeral and he is not advising his former teammates' son. One day they might share a dressing room at the Bernebéu, in very different roles, but in the same white shirt.