Coronavirus: Jorge Jesús showing "no symptoms" after Covid-19 test

The Flamengo coach tested positive for the coronavirus the club announced on Monday, but he said he was feeling fine in a statement.

Coronavirus: Flamengo coach Jorge Jesus feels fine despite positive COVID-19 test

Flamengo coach Jorge Jesús said he was feeling fine after testing positive for coronavirus.

The Brazilian Serie A champions announced on Monday that Jesus, 65, has tested positive for Covid-19, although it was weak or inconclusive and being checked.

In a message posted on Instagram, Jesús said he was asymptomatic despite the positive test.

Jorge Jesús: "I am feeling exactly as I felt a month ago, a year ago"

"Hello. Good afternoon in Brazil, good night in Portugal. True, my test was positive," he said.

"It is also true that I feel normal, I am feeling exactly as I felt a month ago, a year ago, two, three, four ... I am normal. I don't feel any symptoms.

"But I had a positive test. I'll be in reclusion. I want to thank the affection of my friends and the fans of Flamengo for sharing this situation with me.

"I think that in a few days everything will be back to normal, God willing. A big kiss to everyone. I am very confident."

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) announced the suspension of all national football competitions for an indefinite period on Sunday.