German national team donate €2.5M to help tackle coronavirus

The initiative by Die Mannschaft was confirmed via a videoconference with Fritz Keller, Oliver Bierhoff and Joachim Löw.

German national team donate €2.5M to help tackle coronavirus

The German national team are doing their bit to support the fight to stem the Covid-19 virus from extending as they confirmed that they would donate 2.5 million euro to the fight against the virus.

In a communique issued by the DFB, they stated: "The world of football has come to a stop. People's health and tackling this virus right now is the number one priority. We realise that for so many of you, things have not come to a stop and must keep going".

Sending a signal

Germany general manager Oliver Bierhoff added at the DFB video-conference: "I was pleased that we as the national team quickly decided to release emergency aid in order to send a signal and make it clear that we are showing solidarity and want to support people, "said the director of the national teams and academy. "It is vital that we act as a team, not just the national team, but above all as a team in Germany."

Bayern Munich's Leon Goretzka also voiced his opinion: "Football is currently at a standstill and health is paramount. Accordingly, in solidarity, I would like to ask you to contribute your part and to set an example,” Goretzka said. “We as the national team went ahead and donated €2.5m to a good cause and hope that many of you will follow us.”