Setién cooks up a treat during coronavirus lockdown

Barcelona coach Quique Setien has been keeping himself busy during lockdown.

Culinary Cules – Barca boss Quique cooks up a treat during lockdown

Many of us are finding different ways to busy ourselves to adhere to social-distancing rules as the world tackles the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether it be reading, partaking in some crafts, binging on Netflix or completing 'toilet roll challenges', people are finding various methods to fill free time in their homes they may otherwise not have had.

Quique Setien is no different and the Barcelona boss filmed some of the routines he is going through during his time at home.

In the video, filmed for Barcelona's website, Setien can be seen cooking up a treat in the kitchen. 

On this occasion it was a meatball sauce, but the ex-Real Betis boss revealed his trademark is a different dish…

"In here, my wife has just given me the spoon. We are making a beautiful meatball sauce," he said. 

"But more than this, I use this [a slow cooker]! It works brilliantly! 

"My speciality is the Spanish Omelette - it's phenomenal."

Setien forgets Game of Thrones

Other titbits included a recommendation for the book he is reading, titled 'Heroes del Deporte' (heroes of sport), and an explanation as to why he will not be re-watching popular TV show 'Game of Thrones'.

"The truth is, I don't really watch many TV shows I don't have the time and you can get hooked on them," Setien added. 

"I saw 'Game of Thrones' but I have already forgotten it and I can't watch it again because I don't want to be in confinement that long! I prefer to train!"

Setien finished with a message of encouragement.

"I hope things will be okay. It seems that things will pass quickly and that when we start again everything will be fine and that we will have a lot of energy and strength to being again in everything we love doing," he said.