Carlos Vela wants nothing to do with football when he retires

The captain of Los Angeles Football Club said that he will only play football for five more years and after that he doesn’t want to be a coach or analysing games on TV.

Carlos Vela wants nothing to do with football when he retires

Carlos Vela is arguably the best Mexican player in the world right now, despite playing in Major League Soccer, and he is the star of Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). He has a natural talent that makes everything look easy but once he decides to retire he wants nothing more to do with the game.

The captain of LAFC was recently interviewed by GQ Magazine where among other things he talked about his near future. “I leave the door open for a possibility to do something related to soccer once I retire but I wouldn't love being a coach or analysing games on television. I don’t follow orders coaches give me so I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving orders to others as a manager.”

“I don’t see myself on television talking about soccer or analysing games. If I could choose something to do with my life after I retire it would be something not related to soccer, but I feel weird talking about this right now. I’ve had the same routine of going to practice everyday since I was 14 years old and when my career is over it will be very weird. I see myself gaining weight and probably eating less tacos. I am very good at eating and traveling,” said the native of Cancún.

The fans in Mexico have different opinions on Vela

During the interview with GQ, Vela was asked if the fans in Mexico are the toughest he has faced as a player.

“I think there are two types of fans in Mexico, the ones that hate you and the ones that love you, that support you and they would give their lives for the national team and the players. So yes, they are the toughest ones.”