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Real Madrid: Kroos says he was misquoted on salary cut remarks

Toni Kroos has responded to Real Madrid's decision to reduce wages following his previous comments that he wasn't in favour of a pay cut.

Coronavirus: Logical for Real Madrid players to take pay cut – Kroos says he was misunderstood

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has answered allegations that he was against the first team squad taking a pay cut by saying that it is the logical thing to do under the circumstances.

Madrid players accept salary reductions

Madrid announced that players and coaches from their football and basketball squads agreed to reduction in wages on Wednesday, with LaLiga and professional sport in Spain on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Directors at Madrid also accepted to voluntary reductions in pay for 2019-20 – the pay cuts will be between 10 and 20 per cent "depending on the circumstances that may affect the closing of the 2019-20 season", the club said in a statement.

Prior to the midweek announcement, Kroos had stated he was not in favour of pay cuts amid financial concerns but the Germany international explained his comments.

"It is possible that it [the interview] has not been translated correctly or that some do not want to understand," Kroos wrote via Twitter. "From the first moment, my opinion, you know me well, is this: if we can help the workers and areas of the club, I see it as logical to renounce part of our salary, something that could be proven today."

In an interview with SWR Sport podcast on Tuesday, Kroos said: "Cutting salaries is like a donation in vain – or for the club. I am in favour of paying the full salary and let everyone do sensible things with it. Everyone is being asked to help where necessary, and there are many places where it is necessary."