Real Madrid: Former La Real player talks up Odegaard

López Ufarte, spoke to Noticias de Gipuzkoa about the Norweigan and says he isn't a million miles away from former Real Sociedad player Alonso.

"Odegaard reúne más cosas que Xabi Alonso".

Roberto López Ufarte, one of Real Sociedad's legendary players, has spoken to Noticias de Gipuzkoa about the club's young sensation, Martin Odegaard. The left-footed attacking midfielder, as reported by AS recently, has a place waiting for him in Madrid's squad next season. The decision is his to make though.

"I think he has his head screwed on and he knows why he came here: to show people, to show that he has a lot of ability and that he is waiting for a spot to open up at Real Madrid," said Ufarte. "These are just my thoughts but possibly in the next year when Modric leaves. Possibly, as he has said many times, he is here for two years. They might leave him here because it's down to the club who pays him, which is not just Real Sociedad but Real Madrid."

The former La Real player has also spoken about the surprise season Odegaard has had. "He didn't just surprise the Real Sociedad fans and the staff but Real Madrid people too and all of Spain. If you ask anyone who the most important players at La Real are, they will say Odegaard, Isak and Oyarzabal but Odegaard will always be in first place. He has almost all of the tools to play in midfield. We won't just speak about his technique, which is exquisite, and he knows the exact moment when he has to do something and when to give the ball but what also stands out is his recoveries and pressures. Because the first to put the central defenders under pressure is him."

López Ufarte also highlights where Odegaard can get better: "If you pushed me to find one, maybe he holds onto the ball a bit much but they are at the right moments when he thinks the best thing to do is hold onto the ball to let his teammates get free. But he is a player with talent, he knows what is best for him and for the team above all."

A comparison to Xabi Alonso is never a bad thing either and Ufarte said: "I won't say he reminds me of Xabi Alonso who impacted things in a different way during his time but at the same time, he was a midfielder who did these racking passes that stood out. And yes, he has many similar things and he isn't too far off Xabi," he said.