Coronavirus: Liga MX suspends promotion and relegation for five years

A vote was held on Friday, with promotion and relegation from and to the Mexican top flight suspended for the next five seasons.

Mexico's Liga MX suspends promotion & relegation for five years

Liga MX has suspended promotion and relegation for the next five years, president Enrique Bonilla announced.

Mexico's top flight and the second-tier Ascenso MX have been postponed since last month due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A vote was held via a video meeting between the 18 Liga MX owners on Friday, with promotion and relegation from and to the league suspended for the next five seasons as part of an agreement with the 12 teams in Ascenso MX.

Bonilla confirmed the 12 second-division clubs will receive guaranteed yearly payments of almost $1million from the top flight during that period, with Ascenso MX to promote the inclusion of younger Mexican players in squads.

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Coronavirus sees 2020 Ascenso MX season cancelled

The 2020 Ascenso MX season has also been cancelled, with no champion crowned, due to the Covid-19 crisis.

News of potentially ending promotion and relegation in Mexico will fuel speculation over a Liga MX-MLS merger.

There has been growing reports the two North American leagues could come together following the 2026 World Cup.