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NFL draft pick: 'Burrow is a mix of Tom Brady and Drew Brees'

While Joe Burrow could be compared to Tom Brady, his former coach says the top draft pick is "unique".

A bit of Tom Brady, a little Drew Brees - Former coach knew Burrow was 'different'

Joe Burrow's former high school coach says the new Cincinnati Bengals quarterback could be compared to Tom Brady or Drew Brees but will forge his own path in the NFL.

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Joe 'Brady Brees' Burrow

LSU star Burrow was selected by the Bengals with the first overall pick in Thursday's first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Nathan White, who coached Burrow with Athens High School in Ohio, sees attributes in the 23-year-old comparable to some of the league's great names.

However, White also believes Burrow is "unique" and hopes he can similarly establish himself as a leading star.

"That's something I've thought a little bit about. I think a lot of people have compared him to Tom Brady a little bit," White told Stats Perform.

"I think he's got a bit of Tom Brady, as far as the leadership and swagger. I think Drew Brees a little bit, with the accuracy and commanding the scheme on the field. They run a similar offense.

"I think he's also unique, he's a little bit different. I think each quarterback in the NFL is pretty unique. It's tough to compare.

"I think Joe has little pieces of a few different guys but he's also his own guy. I hope in 10 years he's someone that they are comparing draft picks to."

White has long been confident Burrow could make it in the NFL, adding: "I told a lot of people this. Very early, when Joe was a 15-year-old sophomore, you just knew that he was different. Different from anyone I had ever coached.

"His preparation, even as a young kid, his leadership is just different from anything I've ever seen. Not to mention he's incredibly talented also."

The Bengals are not set to face Brees' New Orleans Saints in the 2020 season, but White foresees a special occasion when Burrow does get the opportunity to return to Louisiana with Cincinnati.

"That would be really interesting," he said. "I know that the state of Louisiana will be Joe Burrow fans forever. Of course they love the Saints.

"I think it will be a situation where they want the Saints to win but they are going to hope that Joe plays really well.

"That would be something that's pretty cool in the NFL if he gets to go back and play in New Orleans and feel that love again from the state of Louisiana."