Marcelo: "I don't want to leave Real Madrid"

The Brazilian left-back took part in a live chat on Instagram with Fabio Cannavaro: "I'm very happy at Real Madrid" but did admit to have plans for the future.

After more than a month and a half of lockdown in Madrid, it's no wonder that some footballers are desperate to talk to somebody other than those in their own families. Today, Marcelo set up a live chat with his old team mate Fabio Cannavaro. The Brazilian left-back spoke about what he plans to do when his playing days are over as well as other topics, including the toughest rival he has faced, and team mates Eden Hazard, Vinicius and Rodrygo.

Interest from Italy: “A couple of years ago I heard that I'd signed for Juve, that I'd already pulled on the Juve shirt and that I couldn't live without Cristiano… People invent a lot of things. It was all fine with me, as I saw that some Juve fans quite liked the idea of me joining”.

Madrid wouldn't let you leave so easily: “I don't want to leave and I don't think Madrid would let me anyway. I'm really happy here. Ever since I came here with my family, it's been incredible. I don't really know if it's true that Juve wanted to sign me to be honest”.

Roberto Carlos: “Whenever I speak to Roberto Carlos I still get very nervous. He's my idol. Ever since I started out playing futsal, I really tried to base my game on his. I thought, how can he be up and down the wing all the time like that?".

Sergio Ramos: “I was still very young when I saw him play for the first time but you could tell even then that he is a great leader. I've watched him grow over these past few years and I knew that he would be a brilliant leader”.

Zidane: “Some people thought he wouldn't be able to handle a dressing room with so many big stars but Zizou's done an amazing job. When Zizou first took the coaching job, the team was in a very difficult moment - we weren't winning but with hard work, humility and understanding the players, he helped us to achieve everything we've done. But that's not to forget the work that others did before him. Ancelotti also did a great job…”.

Plans for the future: “Age creeps up on you. I'll be 32 soon. I have a few things in mind. I like working. I don't want to work directly in football. I don't have the characteristics you need to be a coach. But I've always had something in mind, I went through a lot of things in Brazil when I was 15 years old. I saw football agents saying things to fathers about their kids: ‘Come on, I'll give you this and that. But in the end, the kid, despite having talent, gets lost along the way because the agent is only thinking about money. They've really messed up a lot of kids - just for money instead of working with the kid so he can get somewhere. They'd sell the kid to another club, take the money and you'd never see them again. I want to work to help those children, that's mainly what I'd like to do”.

Toughest opponent you've faced: “Well, you know that against us, other teams play as those it was the last game of their life. As I am an attacking full-back, there's more chances that I might be caught out. So let's see, I've never played against Cristiano. Messi I think that… We are talking about Messi. I'd be a hypocrite if I said another player. Lots of players have given me problems - Jesús Navas back in the day… I remember one game against Sevilla and I was criticised for weeks afterwards. He's only a little guy, but very tricky…”.

Hazard: “He took a blow to his leg. He'd had an injury in the same leg previously. But I tell you Fabio, he's a fantastic player. The speed at which he does things is unbelieveable. He was fine up until his injury which was a real shame. But I think's he ready to return now”.

Most fun team mate: “You! you were always joking about. Back in those days, Iker wasn't much of a joker, Mahamadou Diarra was hilarious, Robinho, Cassano… he never stopped. Everything was a joke with him…”.

Vinicius and Rodrygo: “I see kids of 18 and they seem the same to me. When I first joined I thought I was mature, that I knew things. But I didn't know anything. I was just a kid”.