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Coronavirus live US: latest Covid-19 news - 27/28 May


US coronavirus latest: 15:00 PST / 18:00 EST  on Thursday 28 May (00:00 CEST on Friday 29 May)

According to the latest figures published by Johns Hopkins University, 5,763,122 cases have been detected worldwide, with 358,369 deaths and 2,389,735 people now recovered.

In the USA, there have been 1,717,756 confirmed cases and 101,337 deaths with 391,508 people recovering from the virus.

As the country reopens, schools have to follow guidelines as kids have been known to spread the virus quicker than adults and will be in very close proximity to each other. 

Trump is really not happy about the fact-checker put on his account by Twitter.

It's a hot button political issue in the US. 

The Boston marathon will be a virtual event this year. 

Pelosi commenting on the terrible milestone of 100,000 while America starts to re-open.

The coronavirus has caused doubts and questions about travel restrictions. But what exactly are they and can I visit my family in other states?

State by stat re-opening rules. A look at each state, when the lockdown measures expired and some guidelines on travel also.

Donald Trump has been tweeting out nonsense on Twitter for years and it seems to be finally catching up on him. Twitter added a fact check button to some of his tweets and it sent users to a page that said his claims were 'unsubstantiated'. That's when it all kicked off.

Homebuilding slump

In April, California builders filed 5,914 permits for all units — single-family homes, condos and apartments. That’s down 45% from February, the largest two-month drop since 2011. The last time fewer permits were filed statewide was May 2014.

Oregon no pay

With a second stimulus payment still in discussion, there are many needing help.

Covid-19 politics

As the country fights to get the better of the crisis, the underlying politcal current remains strong.

US Covid-19 death toll hits 100,000 - "a very sad milestone" - Trump

What is a Money Network Card? Is it a scam?

Around four million Americans will receive their stimulus payment on an EIP card which will be sent, via mail, in an envelope marked Money Network Cardholder Services. Believing they might be a hoax or a scam, some people have tossed theirs into the bin.

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Two-drug combination Covid-19 vaccine in development

Gilead’s Remdesivir is currently approved as emergency treatment for coronavirus while Roche has been studying the effectiveness of arthritis treatment Actemra. Analysts believe there is a possibility that combining both drugs could be an effective way of treating patients with severe Covid-19 infection.

The two pharma companies will recruit 450 patients globally to begin a phase III trial next month. 

NBA season a step closer to resuming

According to reports in The Athletic, the NBA is "working on multi-phase medical/safety protocols toward restart of play," which would lead to training resuming in July and the 2019-20 season restarting in late July or early August.

The NBA season was suspended on 11 March after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for Covid-19.

Covid-19 pandemic sheds light on Kawasaki disease

Common symptoms of Kawasaki disease include a persistent high fever, bloodshot eyes, redness around the mouth, body rash and redness and swelling of the feet and hands. An unusual numbers of children and teenagers who have tested positive for Covid-19, have developed similar symptoms. Doctor Jane C. Burns has been investigating the possible causes of Covid-19 for the past 40 years, and chats to Time about her findings during the current health crisis.


Trump's executive order targets political bias at Twitter and Facebook

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to order a review of a law that has long protected Twitter, Facebook and Alphabet's Google from being responsible for the material posted by their users, according to a draft executive order and a source familiar with the situation.

News of the order comes after Trump threatened to shut down websites he accused of stifling conservative voices following a dispute with Twitter after the company decided to tag Trump's tweets about unsubstantiated claims of fraud in mail-in voting with a warning prompting readers to fact-check the posts.

On Wednesday, officials said Trump will sign an executive order on social media companies on Thursday.

"Their names and their stories"

As the US death toll passes the 100,000 mark, the New York Times highlights 1,000 of the people who have been killed by Covid-19 in the country:

"To those hurting, I'm so sorry for your loss. The nation grieves with you"

Joe Biden, the Democrats' presumptive presidential nominee, has reacted to the United States passing the milestone of 100,000 coronavirus deaths:

Trump prayers with "all those grieving loss of a loved one or friend"

Donald Trump has not yet reacted to the news that the United States’ coronavirus death toll has passed the 100,000 mark, but NBC reporter Peter Alexander has shared this statement issued by the White House on the president’s behalf.

Trump’s prayers for comfort and strength are with all of those grieving the loss of a loved one or friend,” it reads, adding that the president is “proud” of the American people’s “spirit, courage and determination every single day to defeat this virus.” 


Miami (United States), 27/05/2020.- A view of part of one hundred bags, representing dead bodies, and a photo of Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis, during the protest against the economy reopening without Coronavirus relief in Miami, Florida, USA, 27 May 2020. Some symbolic funeral processions are holding, by community members and social activists all over Florida, including cities like Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa, to honor the lives lost due to COVID-19, and to hold Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis and USA President Donald Trump responsible for their recklessness and inaction. (Protestas, Abierto, Estados Unidos) EFE/EPA/CRISTOBAL HERRERA

Some cities and states have seen a drop in cases but some are seeing increasing numbers of cases. 

Many citizens have been keen to re-open the country in their own ways as they take the matter into their own hands.

U.S. coronavirus deaths top 100,000 as country reopens

U.S. deaths from the novel coronavirus topped 100,000 on Wednesday even as the daily average death toll declines, businesses reopen and Americans emerge from lockdowns across the country.

About 1,400 Americans have died on average each day in May, down from the peak of the outbreak in April when 2,000 people a day died on average.

The U.S. death toll is higher than fatalities from the seasonal flu going back to the 1957-1958 season, when 116,000 died. In about three months, COVID-19 deaths exceed the number of Americans killed in the Korean War, Vietnam War and the U.S. conflict in Iraq from 2003-2011 - combined.

The coronavirus has killed more people than the AIDS epidemic did from 1981 through 1989.

Donald Trump still plans to hold an event on 4th of July but he has been warned not to put American lives at risk. Several other parades and events have already been cancelled.

Coronavirus live US updates: welcome

Hello and welcome to our live, United States-focused coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, which has now registered over 5.5 million cases and nearly 350,000 deaths worldwide. Join us for the latest news and numbers as they emerge.

The virus has killed 100,000 Americas too, it was confirmed yesterday.