Emir of Qatar: "We aspire to have an extraordinary World Cup"

During the virtual presentation of the third World Cup stadium, Education City, the Emir of Qatar spoke about developments being made in preparation for the tournament.

Emir of Qatar: "We aspire to have an extraordinary World Cup"

Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Emir of Qatar, has paid tribute to the medical professionals on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic, emphasising their importance in saving the lives of individuals.

At the presentation of the inauguration of Education City, the third World Cup stadium to be ready for the in Qatar in 2022, Sheikh Tamim said: "While we are celebrating the preparation of Education City, the third stadium ready for the World Cup in 2022 in Qatar, I want to thank the heroes of this stage, the medical professionals on the front lines with the goal of beating the Covid-19 pandemic. Those who have saved many lives and returned hope to people, we thank all of you. They count on us for our support and gratitude."

The Emir of Qatar added: "While the world is taking the next step in returning to normality, we are sure that the next number of days will be better with the help of Allah, thanks to your courage, loyalty and sincerity. There will be days ahead that we can enjoy together looking at the stars of football playing in our stadiums, which Qatar looks forward to with passion and enthusiasm more than any other time. We look forward to giving a big welcome to people from all around the world who will attend an extraordinary World Cup."

It's worth mentioning that the Emir of Qatar also took part in the inauguration of the Al-Khalifa International stadium in Amyo in 2017 along with the Al-Janoub inauguration also. During those inaugurations, Sheikh Tamim confirmed that the World Cup in 2022 was for all Arabs and not just Qatar.

During the opening of the Al-Janoub last year, the Emir of Qatar decided to change the name of the stadium from Al-Wakrah due to the fact that there is already a stadium called the Al-Wakrah belonging to the Al-Wakrah football club, who play in the Qatar Stars League. The decision to pick the name Al-Janoub was because the facility, located in the Al-Wakrah city, is a message of thanks from the Emir to all of the inhabitants of the southern territory.