Ghanaian minister resigns after breaching self-isolation rules

Ghanaian minister found himself forced to resign after he violated self-isolation protocol.

Ghanaian minister resigns after breaching self-isolation rules
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Ghana's deputy trade minister Hon. Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah has resigned following his visit to the electoral registration office without completing his self-isolation period.

The Ghanaian ex-minister had earlier tested positive for Covid-19 and was advised to go into self-isolation, which he admitted to breaching later.

He also stated that he had been in contact with a former party scribe and his driver, who both tested positive for the virus later. Following his admission at the main hospital in Accra for a night, Ahenkorah spent a week self-isolated at home before leaving his house and putting others' lives at risk.

President Akufo-Addo's office announced that the resignation of the Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry has been accepted, effective immediately.

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President Akufo-Addo called on all government officials to set a good example for their people urging them "to provide leadership at all times" and abide by the rules and measures taken to curb the coronavirus spread.

Akufo-Addo also noted that Ahenkorah, the ex-deputy manager, "acted honorably" by stepping down and resigning from his post, wishing him well in the future.

Ahenkorah was subject to strong criticism following a visit he paid to an electoral registration office, as his period of self-isolation wasn't over yet. The-ex minister found that his only way of making a good exit was to give up his duties and step down, while the Ghanaian president found it a good time to send a direct message to Ghana's officials implying, they should be an example to be followed by people.