Edmilson: "Qatar stadiums are incomparable"

The Al-Duhail defender confirmed that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be an exceptional one, given the magnificence of the stadiums on show.

Edmilson: "Qatar stadiums are incomparable"

Admilson Jr, a defender at Qatari side Al-Duhail, has stated that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be an exceptional one, given the quality of the stadiums that are being established.

“The distinctive infrastructure in Qatar,” began Admilson, “will facilitate everything for the fans, footballers and the organisers, as well as the incomparable stadiums. And having the celebration of the 2022 World Cup in winter will mean that no one suffers from the extremely high temperatures. The same happened at the 2019 Club World Cup in Doha, where European and South American fans were impressed with the weather, easy commuting, fascinating stadiums, and the overall atmosphere of the championship, which is evidence that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be the best, in its history.”

Regarding his opportunity to participate in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Admilson said: "It is likely that the Belgian team coach will call me up to participate in the World Cup, if I win the AFC Asian Champions League this year with Al-Duhail, and impress at the Club World Cup in Doha. All of this would give me the opportunity to join the squad.”

He added: "I hope to play in the Club World Cup before the end of this year, especially since the championship will be the focus of everyone's attention, via all the Brazilian Flamengo matches in the last Club World Cup. I have been a Flamengo fan since I was a child and I believe that Al-Duhail can have a good performance at the next Club World Cup, especially after the arrival of defender Dodo, who is for me the best player of all Brazilian footballers. I’m sure Al -Duhail has everything needed to reach the end of the championship.”

Winning the AFC Asian Champions League

"I spoke with the president of Al-Duhail, I told him that we had an historic opportunity to win the AFC title this year, with all the games being played in Qatar other than the final.”

Regarding life in Qatar, the Belgian said: 'life here is impressive, as I am always with my family and I have many Brazilian friends, as well as my teammates who always contact me. Security in Qatar is better than in many other countries, and for me Al-Muizz Ali, Hassan Al-Haydos and Akram Afif are the best in the Qatari league, I wish them luck with the Qatari team.”