Zidane: "We already have a big squad, why would we want to add to it?"

Zinedine Zidane attended the media ahead of Real Madrid's meeting with Real Valladolid, corresponding to Week 4 of LaLiga 2020-2021 season.

Zinedine Zidane took questions from the media ahead of tomorrow's Week 4 meeting with Real Valladolid. The Real Madrid coach was asked whether Madrid would be making any last-minute signings before transfer deadline day but answered that he already has enough players in his squad.

Valladolid: "A tough rival. They'll be coming here with the idea of giving us trouble. We will have to play well from the first minute until the end. To continue from where we left off last season, we all must show the same determination and resolve".

Have you been surprised by the amount of criticism caused by some of the VAR decisions? "Yes, because it's criticism at correct decisions. I'm not going to start talking about about these things. Everyone can think what they like. We have to focus on our job. The players too have to think only about the next game. Everything else, we have no control over".

Jovic set for loan move

Do you think Jovic is right being unhappy with the playing time he's getting? When Jovic or Mayoral play, is it a sporting decision as well as an economic one? "Both. A lot of things are in play, all of the time. Both players are here and training well. That's all that concerns me".

Why have Vinicius and Rodrygo not gelled? "That's a question which always makes me laugh. Voicing an opinion is easy. If Vinicius is going to play 34% of our games, another player 32% and someone else 31%? That's never going to change. It's the way things are at this club. There are 25 players in the squad and all of them will play at some point - some with play less than others. All I want is for the team to win and for the players to be properly prepared and ready to play. Opinions from the outside don't help. They are young players, so what? That's the reality of football - you play, you don't play... That's not going to change whether I am coach or someone else is coach. I have 25 players and I have to choose 11".

How is Hazard? "He's close to returning. He's ready. He's been training well. We know that he hasn't trained as much as the rest until now. Now he is regularly training with us and he's doing well. We'll see what we decide to do".

Do you think you have a better squad than last season's? "People can think whatever they want. I have the squad I have and for me, they are always the best. The transfer market is open until October 5th but I am very happy with the players I have. It's a large squad. Why would we want to add to a squad that is already big enough? It's already difficult for me to draw up a team, because all of the players I have are good. I'm happy with my squad, I really am".

Will you be changing the system and team formation? "Yes, but for me the most important thing is making sure the team is balanced. As for the system... you don't know what I do during matches. The important things is that the players have the right mental approach when we have the ball and when we don't. When we are playing with three upfront, I'm not thinking about which players has to stay out on the wing. It doesn't work like that. We can change the system because we have the resources to be able to do so and it's my job to use what we have".

Which player would you prefer to stay - Jovic or Mayoral? "I'm not going to answer that. Everyone has a role to play and I will be counting on all of the players who are on the payroll. If things change, we'll see".