George Floyd

Former Minnesota police officer charged with the murder of George Floyd released on bail

Derek Chauvin has been freed from custody while awaiting trial for his role in the death of the unarmed black man but could still be entitled to a $1 million pension.

Former Minnesota police officer charged with the murder of George Floyd released on bail

The former police officer charged with the murder of George Floyd has been released from jail after posting a $1 million bail bond. Derek Chauvin was fired from his job the day after the killing of George Floyd and has been incarcerated ever since. With his release, all four of the officers charged with the death of the 46-year-old have now been freed on bail.

Chauvin had been held at the maximum security Oak Park Heights correctional facility since May after being filmed kneeling on Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes. The killing of the unarmed black man sparked the global Black Lives Matter movement which protested against racist police brutality.

Why has Derek Chauvin been released from prison?

Although he is currently awaiting trial for murder, he has been released on bail after providing a $1 million bond. CBS Minnesota reports that his bond comes with a number of conditions, preventing him from leaving the state without written approval; making contact with Floyd’s family; missing any court dates and breaking any laws.

The killing of George Floyd drew international attention for its mindless nature and many are enraged to see that none of the four former police officers charged with his death are currently behind bars.

How did a former police officer post a million-dollar bond?

Court records show that Chauvin used a bond company to post bail using a non-cash bond. The bond is guaranteed by Pennsylvania-based Allegheny Casualty who will be liable if he violates the terms of his release.

However Chauvin would likely have also been required to put up a substantial chunk of money to secure his freedom and previous investigation into his finances have shone light on some very murky dealings.

NBC News revealed back in July that he has been charged with tax evasion for failing to file income tax returns and pay state income taxes in Minnesota. He and his now estranged wife did not file Minnesota tax returns in 2016, 2017 or 2018, during which time Chauvin was working for the police department.

The pair also purchased a 2018 BMX X5 for $100,200 from a car dealership in Minnesota but registered it in Florida, despite it being used in Minnesota, allowing them to avoid paying the higher state sales tax. In total, court documents related to the case say that they owe taxes, penalties and interest of over $37,000.