Modric and Rodrygo: the Clásico moment missed by most

With around ten minutes left to play at the Camp Nou, and Madrid leading 1-2, there was a comedy interaction between the Croatian and Brazilian that was ended later on Twitter.

Modric and Rodrygo: the Clásico moment missed by most
Alex Caparros Getty Images

Amid the euphoria that followed Real Madrid’s Clásico win at the Camp Nou, there was one moment that may have escaped the attention of the Madridista following. The game was in the 80th minute and the match delicately poised at 1-2 when Luka Modric, pressed by four rivals, laid off a pass to Rodrygo, who was stood just a few metres away. Nothing strange about that you may think…

Modric’s pass to Rodrigo Goes out

The only problem with the pass from the Croatian, who would go on to score the third decisive goal to round off a very happy day for Los Blancos, was that his young Brazilian teammate was not yet involved in the game. He was standing just off the pitch waiting for his chance to replace Marco Asensio.

Luka, under pressure, clearly saw the white shirt in his peripheral vision and instinctively made the pass. The two players then exchanged a look of almost disbelief, and later, clearly in very good spirits given the outcome, the interactions continued.

Rodrygo was first to comment on social media, uploading a video of the pass on his Twitter account with a comedy accompanying track and the words: ‘Calm yourself, I'm still off the pitch, dad!’

Father-son Modric and Rodrygo

It didn’t take long for Modric to jokingly respond: “Why didn’t you play the ball back to me, son?’ The truth is that the 35-year-old Croatian is almost twice the age of the Brazilian star (19), hence the father-son banter.

Respuesta de Modric al vídeo de Rodrygo.

And Rodrygo had the perfect concluding reply. Modric was the one who scored Madrid’s third goal but it was the Brazilian who provided the assist.

Along with an image of that moment, Rodrygo added: “But I did gave you it back, dad!’