Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

Second stimulus check: what did Republicans and Democrats say about passed bill?

The new $900 stimulus bill includes a second stimulus check, but what have both parties’ members said publicly since its passing last night?

Second stimulus check: what did Republicans and Democrats say about passed bill?

On Monday evening Congress voted to pass the covid-19 economic relief bill that will provide $600 stimulus checks for an estimated 160 million Americans. The bill is now sent to the White House for President Donald Trump to sign the legislative package into law and there are hopes that the first wave of payments will be made before the end of the year

After months of discussions in the Capitol progress has finally been made, but some lawmakers are unhappy with the haste with which this package has been pushed through. As a result the Congressional vote was not unanimous, despite party leadership on both sides supporting the bill. What did key figures on both sides say about the bill's passing?

What did Democrats say about the passing of the new stimulus bill?

President-elect Joe Biden tweeted late Monday night;

"I applaud this relief package, but our work is far from over. Starting in the new year, Congress will need to immediately get to work on support for our covid-19 plan. My message to everyone out there struggling right now: help is on the way."

Bernie Sanders, Democrat Senator for Vermont praised the bill as a “step forward”, also highlighting that it was not enough. He went on to promise that “Under the Biden administration, we will continue to work hard and see our people through this crisis.”

Democrat Adam Schiff of California expressed regret that the bill isn’t bigger but hope that what’s there helps a little:

Democrat Representative for New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said just hours before the bill was passed that there was not enough time to read it. The bill was over 5,000 pages long, and lawmakers were presented with it hours before the scheduled vote.

What did Republicans say about the passing of the new stimulus bill?

Republican for Texas Kevin Brady tweeted on a timeline for when to expect the checks to be sent out:

#IRS expects to send direct deposits before Dec. 31.
Paper checks/debit card $$ between now & Jan 15 at 10 million per week.
All payments by 1-15.

Kentucky Senator and lead negotiator on the bill Mitch McConnell’s press team tweeted highlighting the state and specific “investments” that will aid families there.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who has also been heavily involved in the negotiations on going since the spring, simply thanked Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mark Meadows and Mitch McConnell for “providing COVID relief for American workers, families, jobs, schools, small businesses, direct payments, and much more.”

Republican Senator for Alaska Lisa Murkowski said that her hope was that “this package will not only take us one step closer to “normal” but will help make our nation stronger.”

AP captures moment bill passes in Congress

For more comment, watch scenes from inside the Capitol Building and listen to remarks from the like of Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Republican Kevin Brady and Ron Johnson as the bill was passed.