'Daniel Agger' arrested in Moscow protests

A man was arrested following pro-Navalny protests in the Russian capital and changed his name some years back to that of the former Liverpool star.

'Daniel Agger' arrested in Moscow protests

The name Daniel Agger made the headlines over the weekend in Moscow after a man was detained by Russian police for participating in the protests against Vladimir Putin over the weekend called Daniel Agger.

Dmitry Kendrel was the individual at the heart of the situation with the Muscovite officially changing his name to Daniel Agger some years back as he was a devout fan of the Danish footballer.

The 'real' Daniel Agger was made aware of the situation with the former Liverpool player taking the matter lightly with a good humoured post via Twitter. “There is a bit of confusion out there. I have never said: “ There is only one Daniel Agger.” And now we know for sure. The Daniel Agger mentioned in an incident in Moscow is not me.” I’m safe and sound in Spain" posted the former Danish international.