$1,400 third stimulus check: when to expect, Biden relief plan and IRS payment | 30 January

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$1,400 third stimulus check today: when to expect, Biden relief plan and IRS payment | Live updates

Stimulus check and US news: live updates


- More than 50 House Democrats urge President Joe Biden to prioritize recurring $2,000 stimulus checks

- Stimulus check of up to $1,400 in President Biden's $1.9tn American Rescue Plan (will it get GOP support?)

- Biden "open" to negotiation over eligibility requirements for third check

- Adult dependents could be entitled to $2,000 stimulus checks to make up for previous exclusion

- Progressive lawmakers call for recurring stimulus checks to be included in new legislation (full story)

- Proposal for increased child tax credit of up to $3,600 per dependent in stimulus plan (full details)

- Democrats confirm they are willing to use 'reconciliation' to ensure stimulus bill passes Congress

- Group of prominent women calls for $2,400 stimulus checks for mothers

- US covid cases/deaths: >26 million / 439,420 (live updates)


Biden releases secret Trump administration pandemic reports

The Biden administration have announced that they will be publishing the weekly state-specific covid-19 reports which outline the federal government’s response to the pandemic. Crucially they will also be releasing old reports retroactively, meaning that records from the Trump administration will also be made public.

The earliest of these reports date back to June 2020 and were the subject of tight censorship during President Trump’s time in office. The reports were issued to state officials every week but they were not providers to reporters or published publically. CNN have since reported that the Trump administration attempted to downplay the seriousness of the pandemic. 

American Rescue Plan could see more family members given stimulus checks

Talks surrounding the next round of coronavirus stimulus checks are still ongoing as President Joe Biden attempts to get his ambitious American Rescue Plan passed. His new covid-19 economic relief bill includes a round of $1,400 direct payments to ‘top up’ the $600 distributed earlier this month.

Exact details of Biden’s proposal have not yet been released but it is thought that there are some considerable changes made to eligibility that could see millions more able to receive the direct support. For many this could add thousands of dollars to a household’s stimulus check entitlement.

Here's everything you need to know about this development:

Dems "shoot themselves in the foot" with $1,400 stimulus checks

Despite general approval for President Biden's new covid-19 economic relief bill, many are disappointed that it does not include a separate $2,000 stimulus check that had been suggested. Instead, the American Rescue Plan will provide an additional $1,400 direct payment to 'top up' the $600 checks distributed earlier this month. 

Amongst those who have criticised the decision is actor and activist Bree Newsome who described it as "missing an unguarded layup". There have been attempts by progressive Representatives in the Democrat's caucus to raise the amount to a flat $2,000, or even to replace the stimulus check provision with a recurring monthly payment. 


Democrats will use reconciliation to pass Biden's stimulus bill

Despite some very public opposition from leading Republicans in recent days, it seems like the likelihood of a third round of stimulus checks is improving. There may not be the bipartisan support that President Joe Biden was hoping for, but Sen. Bernie Sanders has confirmed that the party are willing to use the process of reconciliation to pass the $1.9 trillion package. 

While Sanders acknowledged that the move may not be popular with the GOP, he outline the need to use reconciliation "to pass legislation desperately needed by working families in this country right now."

After ten months of the pandemic and subsequent economic disruption, Congress has so far agreed stimulus check payments worth just $1,800 per person. Biden and the Democrats are eager to address that early in his presidency. 

Progressive lawmakers demand recurring stimulus checks

Senate Democrats are currently weighing up the likelihood of President Biden's $1.9 trillion relief bill passing the Upper House, but many in the party believe that the package does not go far enough. 

A group of more than 50 progressive lawmakers have signed a letter calling for stimulus checks to be altered to make them a recurring payment, potentially on a monthly basis. The letter, authored by Rep. Ilhan Omar and cosigned by Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, says "One more check is not enough during this public health and economic crisis"

The letter continues: "Many families cannot afford to wait for eight months between payments. To truly build back better, families need stability and certainty through ongoing relief — they cannot be at the mercy of congressional gridlock."

Biden reaffirms commitment to third round of stimulus checks

It was a key part of his campaign and President Biden continues to focus on covid-19 response during his first weeks in office. Last year he was a vocal supporter of a second round of $2,000 stimulus checks and is not happy with the $600 payments provided in December's emergency covid-19 bill. 

However many will argue that this additional $1,400 is not sufficient, especially considering that they appear unlikely to arrive until the second half of February at the earliest. Leading Democrats have revealed that they intend to officially table Biden's American Rescue Plan in Congress on either Monday or Tuesday next week. 

Congressional discussion in both Houses, votes on the matter, a potential reconciliation process to force the package through and subsequent distribution mean that it could be weeks before the majority of Americans receive their payments. 

Can I get stimulus money if I also receive unemployment benefits?

President Biden's American Rescue Plan includes a new federal unemployment insurance programme and a third round of stimulus checks. Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders has confirmed that the new covid-19 relief bill, will be introduced in Congress early next week.

The $1.9 trillion package marks Biden’s commitment to providing economic support to those suffering financially during the pandemic. As unemployment requests continue to rise, can you receive both?

Lawmakers continue to publically support recurring stimulus checks

Earlier this week a group of over 50 House Representatives signed a letter sent to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris urging them to consider including recurring stimulus check payments in the new covid relief bill. The American Rescue Plan proposed by Biden includes just a single $1,400 payment for eligible recipients. 

Interstingly, while serving as Senator for California in 2020 Harris actually tabled such a proposition, although it failed to make any real impact in the Senate and was quickly dismissed. More than 6 months on and the US economic situation appears more severe than before, with an additional 847,000 people applying for unemployment benefits during the first week of Biden's presidency alone. 

Sen. Sanders confident that stimulus bill can be passed

As negotiations continue over the new covid-19 stimulus package Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders tells CNN that he is willing to use a Senate mechanism known as reconciliation to pass the bill. Sanders is confident that a bill will be on the floor in Congress at the start of next week and, assuming all Democrat Senators vote with the party, will have enough votes to pass it. 

A round of $1,400 stimulus checks is the most publicised element of Biden's American Rescue Plan but Sanders cites the targeted support that this bill offers to those who have been worst-hit by the pandemic.

This package will deal with the most pressing, short-term problems faced by millions around the country, but Sanders made clear that they are also looking for a solution to the "long-term structural problems in this country". He sais that greater spending on infrastructure and renewable energy will "create millions of well-paying jobs". 

Biden on the ARP $2,000

A short while ago, the US President tweeted about the stimulus payments, deriding the $600 checks that were signed off by his predecesor.

Recurring stimulus not a slogan

Nina Turner, who is running for the US House in Ohio’s 11th District, is another advocate of the recurring checks.

One of the main arguments being made is that payments by families for food and utilities don’t come just once or twice so why should stimulus checks.

How many executive actions has Biden signed since he became president?

Since taking office on 20 January, President Joe Biden has signed a raft of executive actions, many of which have been aimed at reversing the policies of his predecessor Donald Trump.

In less than two weeks in office, the Democratic president has signed 42 executive orders, substantially more than any of his contemporaries did in their first days in office (Donald Trump signed four, Barack Obama signed five and George W Bush signed none in the first week).

More calls for recurring monthly $2,000 stimulus checks

Rashida Tlaib,  the U.S. Representative for Michigan's 13th congressional district, has joined the petition for the next Covid-19 Relief bill to include recurring monthly checks rather than a one-off payment. "Too many folks have been struggling" she tweeted.

House Democrats pushing for recurring $2k stimulus checks

More than 50 House Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to commit to recurring direct payments of $2,000, and not just a one-off payment of $1,400.

"One more check is not enough during this public health and economic crisis," stated a letter signed by lawmakers including Representatives Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, which urges Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris to take more action regarding stimulus payments. 

"Many families cannot afford to wait for eight months between payments. To truly build back better, families need stability and certainty through ongoing relief — they cannot be at the mercy of congressional gridlock."

Republicans urge Biden to seek bipartisan support for stimulus bill

Several Republican senators have urged Biden to stop Democratic lawmakers from pushing through his $1.9 American Rescue Plan without bipartisan support. 

“The president is sincere in his commitment to bipartisanship. That’s the way he always operated when he was a senator. And from my conversations with him since the election, it seems clear to me that he wants to continue to operate that way,” said Senator Susan Collins (via Politico).

“This is the smartest and best place for the president to start on his unity promises,” argued Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.). “That’s where I think the president has to show the leadership of what he has said he wants to do. … He is the president. So what I think the Democratic leaders need to realize is it’s his agenda.”

Study says fewer Americans should get $1,400 stimulus checks

As reported by the National Interest, a new study has concluded that it would be "economically prudent" not to give any type of stimulus payments to households making more than $75K a year.

“Targeting the next round of stimulus payments toward lower-income households would save substantial resources that could be used to support other programs, with minimal impact on economic activity,” the study’s authors wrote.

Can you apply for the third payment if you have not done it for the previous ones?

Some 8 million people didn’t receive a stimulus check, unaware that they were eligible for one, simply because they didn’t file a tax return or apply. AS journalist Greg Heilman has more...

Still haven't received your $600 stimulus check?

Check out this CNBC article to see how to proceed...

US intelligence to release declassified info on UFOs as a result of stimulus bill 

Donald Trump had one last parting gift for those interested in UFOs. When the former president signed off on the last $2trn stimulus bill in December, he triggered a measure that gives US intelligence less than 6 months to release information about UFOs. This Bloomberg report has more...

Bernie Sanders discusses stimulus bill 

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to CNN on Friday evening, saying he is "very confident" that Democrate have the sufficient number of votes required from within for Joe Biden's stimulus bill. 

"This is a life and death proposal and it must be passed immediately," Sanders said.

Up to $2.6bn appoved in CA to pay off unpaid rent

Lawmakers in California have agreed to allocate up to $2.6 billion of stimulus money to pay off tenants' unpaid rent. But only if landlords are willing to forgive the remaining debt...

No tax on stimulus checks

The 160 million Americans that have recieved two rounds of stimulus checks will not be taxed on that money. However, that will not be the case for special unemployment benefits. 

"The special pandemic unemployment benefits are treated like income and could increase your 2020 tax bill if money hasn't already been withheld for taxes," reports CNN...

Some lawmakers propose recurring $2k survival checks

Some Democratic lawmakers have urged President Joe Biden to offer recurring $2,000 survival checks. However that would be a very hard sell with their Republican counterparts...

Sen. Warren outlines need for new stimulus bill

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has called for more to be done to speed up the process of getting the next round of financial support out to the people who need it. President Biden's American Rescue Plan includes additional $400-per-week unemployment benefits and a third round of stimulus checks, worth up to $1,400. 

In the first week of Biden's presidency another 847,000 Americans applied for unemployment benefits and it is expected to take years for the US jobs market to return to pre-pandemic levels. A group of progressive lawmakers have called on Biden to pass a bill providing monthly stimulus check payments to help those suffering most during the pandemic. 

Biden eager to see stimulus bill passed

As the US continues to battle against the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic President Biden has made clear that he believes that decisive action is needed. His covid-19 relief bill is still yet to be tabled in Congress and progressive voices from within his own party are calling for recurring stimulus checks to be included in the package. 

With Senate Republicans unwilling to back the proposal this looks like becoming the crucial issue of the early days of Biden's presidency, and one he seems determined to meet head-on. 

Biden told reporters: "Millions of people are out of work, unemployed, and future millions are being held back for no good reason other than our failure to act."

US stimulus checks: live updates

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