Messi fan goes viral after complimenting Barcelona star

A video of a fan of Leo Messi is being shared across social media, after they approached the Barça star in his car to tell him he'd had a great haircut.

Leo Messi looked rather stunned by it all. He'd stopped his Mercedes for some fans and was having his photo taken on the driver's side of the car, when another fan ran up to the passenger side and shouted: "You legend Leo! Nice haircut, you're looking great!"

The video of Messi is being widely shared on social media, with viewers amused that the fan's first reaction to meeting his hero was to compliment his haircut.

Messi has been in the news this week after Spanish newspaper El Mundo revealed his latest contract at Barcelona, signed in 2017, was worth over half-a-billion euros, but fans of the player have come out in his defence, pointing out that his contribution to Barça on and off the pitch is likely worth far more. This fan would no doubt agree he's worth every cent.