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Kansas City Chiefs
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Super Bowl LV 2021 Buccaneers wins against Chiefs: Brady MVP and 7th ring, scores, highlights, reactions...

Super Bowl LV | Tom Brady threw four touchdowns as he took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl title at their home ground, Raymond James Stadium.

Super Bowl LV: full time | Kansas City Chiefs 9-31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Live updates

Bucs beats Chiefs 31-9 as Brady collects his 7th ring

Tom Brady left the Patriots at the end of last season after two decades in New England. It would take a year or so to acclimatize to life on a new team and with new coaches and teammates, they said, but he called Rob Gronkowski and got the band back together. Between the two of them, they tore the Chiefs apart in the first half. Antoine Brown caught a TD late and Leonard Fournette sealed the deal in the third quarter as he ran it into the endzone. 

The Chiefs suffered for their injuries on the offensive line and the Bucs' defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles, dialled up the perfect game to get and keep Mahomes on the run early. They shut down Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill and the rest is history. The real story tonight though is Tom Brady and his apparent immortality. There was no doubt before this game that he was the best ever but now, with seven Super Bowl wins, it's a matter of expanding upon his own legacy of greateness. 

“Brands are going with a much lighter tone this year,” says advertiser Brad Emmett. This is a good look at the adverts we saw over the course of tonight. Curiously there were 17 newcomers to the Super Bowl ad market - “a sign of the roiled ad market that has evolved during the pandemic”, while some stalwarts put their “flagship products on the bench”. Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Budweiser.

Good (if partisan) analysis of the Buccaneers' triumph at Super Bowl LV.

What did Tom Brady say about his NFL retirement?


What did Tom Brady say about his NFL retirement?

When Tom Brady went up to give his winner's speech after tonight's game, he was pretty clear about what the future holds: "We're coming back!"


Brady with the Vince Lombardi trophy.

That's quite the headgear get up there to celebrate.

Mahomes promises to be back...

You saw what he did in that little flurry of plays in the third quarter, including nearly throwing a touchdown from in the air in a horizontal-to-the-ground position. He is so going to be back.


Jason Licht is the General Manager of the Bucs.

Brady, Brady, Brady... We know, there are other stories out there from Super Bowl LV (Gronk, we're looking at you), but the Brady story is so overwhelming it's understandable it's the main thing the we're all talking about. 


Ottawa Public Health social media bosses delighted their Super Bowl tweet went viral... maybe less so when they saw why. (To be fair, they used it well!)

Fifth time in the Super Bowl

Bucs coach is a pretty happy chappie

Most Super Bowl wins all-time franchises and players: Brady (7), Patriots (6), Steelers (6), Cowboys (5), 49ers (5)

Big Pau Gasol enjoyed that performance from Brady - he was calling the QB the GOAT back in '17.

Bucs head coach Arians receiving the Vince Lombardi trophy

Well, this season at least...

winning super bowl

Carlton Davis of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrates winning the Super Bowl

Brady on winning the Super Bowl

Brady refuses to compare this, his seventh Super Bowl ring, to the other triumphs. Says he's just looking forward to celebrating with his teammates.

Will there be more? Brady says: "We're coming back!"


111: Age is but a number

Brady named MVP! Not much of a surprise there.

Brady says he's so proud of his whole team. "We came together at the right time and I think we knew this was going to happen!"


Vince Lombardi trophy now being presented. Bucs' coach Bruce Arians up to lift the trophy. Oldest head coach to lift the Lombardi trophy: 68 years 127 days. He says the trophy belongs to the other coaches and the players. He says he didn't do a "damn thing"

So much respect between Brady and Mahomes. But the veteran is not ready to hand that torch over just yet.

Buccaneers get to fire their cannons! They hadn't been allowed to let them off for touchdowns, with the stadium being neutral for the night, but they can now. The pirate ship in the stadium has to be one of the finest features at any sporting ground anywhere.

Bucs beats Chiefs 31-9 as Brady collects his 7th ring

Tom Brady left the Patriots after two decades in New England. It would take a year or so to acclimatize, they said, but he called Rob Gronkowski and got the band back together. Between the two of them, they tore the Chiefs apart in the first half. Antoine Brown caught a TD late and Leonard Fournette sealed the deal in the third quarter as he ran it into the endzone. 

The Chiefs suffered for their injuries on the offensive line and the Bucs' defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles, dialled up the perfect game to get and keep Mahomes on the run early. They shut down Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill and the rest is history. The real story tonight though is Tom Brady and his apparent immortality. There was no doubt before this game that he was the best ever but now, with seven Super Bowl wins, it's a matter of expanding upon his own legacy of greateness. 


One more snap and that will do it. Brady in the 'victory formation' as he takes the knee. GAME OVER! 


Mahomes is picked off in the endzone. The game is done and dusted now. 31-9.


Brady took being draft after 6 other QBs personally...


Mahomes with another scramble but he doesn't know where he's going. Launches it into the endzone and that's just a very sad throw.


Mahomes to Edwards-Helaire. He picks up the first down. The clock keeps ticking.


David thinks he has the pick. The ball pops up as Edwards-Helaire is unable to catch it down low but it hit the ground already. 2nd and 10 now for the Chiefs.


3rd and 5 for the Bucs and the looks on the faces of the Chiefs says it all. This one is over folks. 


1st and 10 and 15 yards onto the play but Bucs have the ball. That is pretty much the game now. 


Mahomes with the pass and it's broken up. Winfield with the taunting call as he gets into Hill's face.


3rd and 33 and Hill picks up a chunk of those yards but the Bucs gave it to them. They just stopped Mahomes from going over the top.


Suh absolutely flattens Mahomes. That play is a microcosm of this entire game. 

Mahomes sacked again. This is painful for the Chiefs' QB...


The score is currently 31-9 to the Bucs. That means 3 touchdowns and a 2-point conversion in there somewhere too. Hiighly, highly unlikely.


Mahomes is limping but it's hard to tell exactly where he's hurting. All over is my best guess because he has been beaten pretty badly all game. Hasn't had a chance to sit in the pocket and just nervous now every time he drops back to throw.


Mahomes just throwing passes in mid-air... 


And we have another penalty. Chiefs called back for a hold on the offensive line.


3rd and 1 for the Chiefs. Mahomes drops back, finds Hill with the sidearm throw and they have a first down. Followed up by another 1st down catch by Hill but the Bucs will give them these short yardage plays all game.


He is even starting to see ghosts now. They nearly had him again as he throws it to Kelce over the middle.


But they follow it up with a sack. Mahomes hasn't been let settle at all back there. The injuries on the O-line just too much to overcome.


Massive play by Kelce. He has his man and then make it to their 41. 


Brady launches it down the field to Gronk but it's way over his head. 


Fournette stopped on 2nd down and it's 3rd and 1. Chiefs with a chance now. 


Fournette has 8. Fournette could be the MVP if it wasn't for Brady, at his age, doing what he's doing.


Another 1st down. This is going to be the longest 10 minutes of the Chiefs' life.


Fournette with the run and he gets about 5. Bucs just wearing down the Chiefs.


Jones with another rush and it's another 1st down.


Jones with another big run and he has 8 yards on 1st down. Brady with his pick of plays now. He could end this game completely on this drive.


Jones keeps it going and picks up a first down.


Ronald Jones with the run up the middle for a couple. 


Mahomes scrambling for his life! He throws it into the endzone and it hits the receiver in the facemask. That was incredible and Mahomes is on the ground wondering why his receivers won't help him out here. They turn it over on downs. 


Time-out for the Chiefs. 


We are in fourth-down territory. Mahomes scrambles around and gets a pass away. Pringle catches it but it's out of bounds.


Mahomes in and out of the hands of Robinson. Slightly too high but I think Robinson had a chance on that. 


Edwards-Helaire runs for no gain. 


Kelce starts the 4th quarter with a catch into the redzone. 

Todd Bowles MVP.


Hill with the catch, the shake and the run. He picks up a decent chunk of yards. And he does it again with a throws to Watkins over the middle. Are the Chiefs starting to get hot? They need a TD.


Kelce over the middle and David jumps it to beat it away. Another great play from David.


Flag on the play as Mahomes throws it incomplete. It's a false start on the Chiefs. Repeat 1st down.


Edwards-Helaire gets the first down but not before getting nailed as he is slowed down in the tackle. Chiefs having to fight for everything here.


Mahomes throws it deep just before he crosses the line of scrimmage. Kelce gets his hand on it but it's well defended. Flag on the play! Against Bucs.

22 point game...

It's not or never for the Chiefs. The will receive the ball with a couple of minutes left in the 3rd quarter and they need a touchdown. Everyone waiting for it to click for the reigning Super Bowl champs but maybe it's just one of those days?!


MVP thinking

As we edge closer to the fourth quarter, considerations are already being made about the most valuable player.

Who will be added to this list?


Succop's field goal is good!

The Bucs now lead 31-9. 


Ball snapped high and over Brady's head. He falls on it and Succop will have to try a 52-yarder now.


Godwin with the catch but he clearly flips out of bounds before getting his feet in bounds. 3rd and 10 not for Brady.


Brady has Hudson in the end zone and that's Brady's first incompletion after nine completions. 


4th and 1. Jones has that one pretty easily. A new set of downs now for Brady and the Bucs.


Jones replaces Fournette to give the lead back a break. Jones picks up three on a run up the middle.


Fournette with another nice run. He picks up maybe 7 on the 1st down run.


Fournette picks up another chunk of yards. Brady has so much time and Fournette does the rest.

Barrett staking a claim for MVP. 


Winfield with the interception on Mahomes. This is fast turning into a nightmare for the Chiefs. There was a flag on the play but it is against the Chiefs and it's declined. Brady takes over again.

Boom! And straight after an interception.


Shaq Barrett takes down Mahomes as he beats the left tackle around the corner and just by pure force of will.


Hand-off to Edwards-Helaire. Mahomes needs to get something going here. 2nd and 7.


Fournette adding



Fournette with the run into the end zone and he gives the Bucs a 19-point lead. Really hard to see Brady lose it from here. 


Gronkowski with the catch over the middle. He picks up a huge chunk of yards.


Fournette with another run and he breaks another tackle before being driven back. The running back picks up 5 on that run.


Fournette with the catch now and he runs over a defender for the 1st down.


2nd and 7. Brady in shotgun and he throws the bubble screen to Brown. Tackled as soon as he catches it and it's 3rd and 4.


Brady back in the game. Hands it off to Fournette. He gets three on that run up the middle.


Butker with the field goal: 21-9 to the Bucs

That field goal makes it an 11-point game at the start of the 3rd. Important for the Chiefs to get something on the board to start the half after their pretty dismal 2nd quarter.


3rd and 7. Mahomes throws on the run and he is under pressure. David all over Kelce and after he slips, he sticks a hand in to poke it away. 


Hardman gets around the defender after reciveing from Mahomes but he slips and gets swallowed up by the Bucs D. 


Edwards-Helaire with the toss from Mahomes and he picks up the first down. 


Kelce with the catch for 9 yards. 

Second half is underway!

We are ready for the second half! Bucs kick-off and the Chiefs receive.  

The Weeknd and his dancers have taken over the whole pitch. 

The Weeknd and his dancers have taken over the whole pitch. 


If the Chiefs come back here the torch will be considered to have been officially passed to Mahomes. If the Bucs carry on to win it, Brady's GOAT status is going to be something else. 

Ah, yes. Good one. The Weeknd is on stage. He currently can't feel his face. 

Refs need to relax in the second half. 

There's that third touchdown from Brady to Brown. 

Here's Mathieu versus Brady after that first half.

Chiefs with 8 penalties for 95 yards. More important than the numbers is the timing of those.

Super Bowl LV 2021 halftime show live online: The Weeknd performance


Super Bowl LV 2021 halftime show live online: The Weeknd performance

Let's see what the half-time show has to offer? My old pal, Cal, has you covered with all the music and advertisements you could hope for! 

HALFTIME: Bucs lead 21-6

The story of the first half is Brady and Gronk rekindling their bromance with a couple of touchdowns.

The Chiefs are killing themselves with penalties though and every single break they've gotten or earned for themselves has been negated by a silly offside, hold or pass interference. Can Mahomes and the Chiefs mount a comeback? I wouldn't rule it out but they need to keep their heads and hope Brady loses his.

Super Bowl LV 2021 halftime show live online: The Weeknd performance


Super Bowl LV 2021 halftime show live online: The Weeknd performance

Super Bowl half-time show!

Follow the Weeknd live with Cal!

Mathieu called for unsportsmanlike conduct. He got up in Brady's face and shouted something at him as he pointed right into his facemask. Not sure what he might have said but Brady wasn't happy and the refs flag the Kansas City defender.


Antonio Brown with the TD catch from Brady

A 3-TD first half from Brady as he finds Brown. The extra point makes it 21-6 to the Bucs. Incredible drive but again, it's the Chiefs with a couple of massive penalties. 


Another penalty. Mathieu with defensive pass interference in the endzone and the Bucs have another chance.


Brady shout to the sideline. He wants to take one shot. He can't be sacked or find a man short. This has to go to the endzone. 


Arians burns the time-out and Brady getting instructions from Leftwich. A TD here might kill the Chiefs' spirit.


This is dangerous now. Brady to Fournette. He has him with 10 seconds remaining. 


Brady takes a shot downfield. He has Evans but Evans is tripped up by Breeland and they have a first down from the spot of the foul. 


Brady finds Gronk again. That's a first down and Brady in hurry-up mode now. They only have one time-out left.


1st and 10. They hand it off to Fournette and he can't pick up anything. Looks like Arians happy enough with the score as it is. Get in to the locker room at 14-6 and reassess. 


Brady with a chance now with under a minute to play. Will they go for it? Or do they run down the clock? 

If the Bucs are going to win this, it will be that front four that do it for them.


Butker makes it 14-6 with a field goal

Butker makes it an 8-point game. 34-yard field goal with just over a minute to play in the first half.


Shaq Barrett chases Mahomes down the field and Mahomes just throws it away. Field goal unit out on the field.


2nd and 11 as Hill loses a yard. Kelce catches this one despite having David all over him. 3rd and 6 now in the redzone.


It's the 2-minute warning and the Chiefs are driving.


Iconic image of Gronkowski


And Kelve again. They have another 1sr down. He finds Kelce in the middle of the field again and he spins for the 1st down.


Edwards-Helaire to the 29 now and he has 7. They have a couple of Kelce catches, a Hardman catch, a Mahomes run and a decent run from Edwards-Helaire on this drive. 


Mahomes runs it this time and has 11 yards. Another first down. They're rolling now and look a bit like their old selves. 


Mahomes tucks it and looks like he is all set to take off and run. But then he sees Kelce and chucks it to him. Another 1st down foe the Chiefs. 


Hardman picks up 4 now as Mahomes finds receivers back-to-back.


Mahomes to Kelce. He picks up a 1st down. 13 yards, that one goes for.


Brady to Gronkowski. Again...

The Bucs do take advantage this time. 3-14 now to the Buccaneers. 


Succop kicks it. But we have a flag. Offside and Chiefs have another crack at this... 1st down again. Chiefs are shooting themselves in the foot.


Again! Johnson the intended target but Bucs can't make the Chiefs pay. They've had a few chances to build a lead here but just can't seem to capitalise. Succop out for a field goal attempt.


Brady throws underneath to Fournette. Great tackle there from Niemann as he holds on to Fournette's ankle.


Fournette again with the run up the middle. He picks up 1. 


INTERCEPTION! Brady picked off (but there's a flag)

Mathieu with the pick but it's ruled out for a hold in the secondary. Massive let-off for Brady.


After Brown loses a few, Brady finds Gronk on 2nd down and they have a 3rd down again. 

Not good at all and it is obvious but it's two punts in a row. 


Barrett-JPP comparison


A muffed punt now from Tommy Townsend. Bucs take over inside the Chiefs half. 


Another flag against the Chiefs. Holding and they will have to punt it again.


Mahomes has Kelce. He drops it as he is getting tackled. The best TE in football with the easy drop and Mahomes jogs off the field again. He hasn't been great but his best playmakers need to help him out.


Williams with the hand-off. Thinks about going out to the right but too much traffic. Instead he comes back up the middle and gets stopped. It's 3rd and 8 now for the Chiefs.


Mahomes with an awkward haymaker of a throw but it's into the feet of Hardman. 


Mahomes in the endzone. Tyreek Hill looks like he's going nowhere but he manages to duck and dive for the first down.

The ruling stands. Bucs momentum, and Jones stopped cold on the 1-yard line. Great call on the field by the refs.

What do you say? Was it a touchdown?


He nearly has it! But he doesn't make it.... the Chiefs with the big stop! That is a huge stop and a possible momentum-busting play for the Bucs. That would have been a dagger through the heart of the Chiefs. But instead, after a really good drive by the Bucs, they turn it over on downs. (After we have a look at a replay a few hundred times).


Jones fumbles(?) but he was down already as his knee touched the ground. 4th and goal now and Brady gives it to Jones.


Brady has Wells, an eligible reciever on the OL, and he drops it.


Handed off to Jones now on 1st and goal. He picks up maybe 4. 


Brady has Evans way downfield. Chiefs in trouble. Breeland nowhere near Evans as he streaks across the field. 31-yard pick-up.


Jones makes it downhill again after a little stutter. 1st down again.


Ronald Jones with a nifty round around the right side and he picks up seven. Gronk just beats his man and seals off the end for Jones. 

Chris Jones flagged 15 yards for unnecessary roughness. Jensen pushed him and Jones reacted. 1st down for the Bucs.


Brady finds Gronk again but he is sent over the sideline after picking up 5. 3rd and 5 now for Brady and the Bucs.


Brady throws it to low for Ronald Jones III.


Brady back in after that failed 3rd down for the Chiefs, who can't get anything going at the moment.


Mahomes under pressure again on the 3rd down. He has to sidearm it to Williams but that's not even close to being complete.


A Chiefs field goal and a Gronkowski TD catch leave the score at 3-7 in favour of Brady and the Bucs after the first quarter of action.


Kelce lives! It's his first catch but it's 3rd and down as he picks up 6 on that catch.


1st and 10. Mahomes' pass batted down by Pierre Paul. 


Pringle with the return as he finds the corner and gets around it. Chiefs on their own 37.

Gronk now has three TD catches in Super Bowls as a Patriot, and one as a Buc per Neil Payne of 538.

That's Brady's first-ever TD in the first quarter of a Super Bowl and he finds his old friend, Robert Gronkowski with the little screen pass in the flat.


BRADY TO GRONKOWSKI! 3-7 with the Bucs in the lead.

The Bucs take the lead with a Gronk to Brady TD. 8 plays and 75 yards in a hurry that time. 


Another screen to Brown this time. 


Fournette with a big run to the 13. Bucs make their first trip to the red zone.


Braite all the way up the middle. Play-action and then the TE catches on the screen. 


Antonio Brown with the catch. 1st down for the Bucs and that's the first decent throw from Brady.


Brady has all the time in the world and then throws it way off. Mike Evans stopped and then we saw a flag. Breeland with a hold. 


Fournette for the third time in a row and he gets it right up the middle. 


Fournette again. He picks up a handful of yards now and it's 3rd and 1 for the Bucs as they keep it on the ground on this drive. 2 plays, 2 runs.


Fournette gets 3 on the 1st down. 

Okay, Brady gets another chance. Touchback from the kick-off. 


Chiefs with the first score. Butker good from 49 yards.

The Chiefs have to make do with the field goal. 3-0 now after that conversion from Butker.


3rd and 11. Mahomes evades the rush and lofts it into the endzone. Hill and Kelce beside each other in the endzone but it hits Hill in the helmet. He had it.. but dropped it.


Another weird play call as Edwards-Helaire gets the toss from Mahomes and loses a few. 


Hardman on the left sideline. Miscommunication as he doesn't turn around. Murphy-Bunting could have jumped that pass! 


It was Pierre Paul who jumped. Chiefs with a set fresh of downs. 


Ohhhh. Chiefs have a free play after someone on the Bucs defensive line jumps. Mahomes into the end zone and nearly has his man but it's tipped away.


1st and 10. The rookie, Edwards-Helaire, with another run and that's a gain of 6.


Mahomes scrambles out to the left and reaches for the 1st down. Still scoreless but Chiefs looking more likely to make something happen. 


Edwards-Helaire with a great second effort and some help from an offensive lineman pushing him forward for a 1st down. 


Bucs form at home. How telling will it be?


Hill gets the ball on the toss to the left. The fans gasp... it's Hill's first touch of the game! He gains a few on that one (maybe 5). 

You could see Brady hesitate because the coverage was spot on. For Spagnuolo and the Chiefs, less (pressure) was more there.


Brady drops back, he steps into pressure, hesitates and then just disappears under a sea of red. Frank Clark will get the sack.


Braite catches after a failed end-around on 2nd down. 3rd down now and at least the Bucs have a 1st down on this drive. Let's see how they manage with this 3rd down. 

Great pressure from Tampa, even better for them that they got up in Mahomes' face so early on.


Ronald Jones gets to the second level and nets himself 13 yards. 

Let's see how it goes! 

Punt by the Chiefs. Bucs start from their own 20. 11:21 left in the 1st quarter. 31-yard net gain from the Chiefs. 


3rd and 8. Hardman isn't anywhere near that one. Nice throw from Mahomes but off-target. 


Mahomes with a sidearm throw to the left sideline. Incomplete.


Mahomes gets flushed out of the pocket and scrambles to the left. He picks up two but that's a win for the Bucs. 


Mahomes picks up the first with hs feet. He ran out of bounds and not a Bucs defender really in sight. He has so many weapons and this is only the start of the Bucs' problems.


SHAQ BARRETT is in Mahomes face and the QB just throws it into the dirt. 3rd and 7 now for the Chiefs.


Mahomes struts, and that's the only word for it, onto the field. He has Hill to his right and Pringle catches it. He'll get 5 yards because of forward progress but he got driven backwards. 1st pass, 1st completion and 1st RPO.


Brady looks for Godwin and he has him but it's a little too hard behind him. He gets a hand on it but can't bring it in. 3 and out for the Bucs and that's exactly what the Chiefs wanted.


Fournette with his first touch and he gets 3 yards. Brady with his first third down early.


1st and 10. We have some play-action and Brady finds Godwin in the flat. He squeezes two yards out of it and it's 2nd and 8.

The Super Bowl is underway! 

Chiefs win the toin coss (HEADS) and they defer. So, Brady is first up! Let's see what the Chiefs have cooked up for him. 

David, the 31-year-old LB and former second-round pick recently spoke about the signing of Tom Brady and what he said when his friends said it was possible: "Tom Brady ain't leaving New England. Man, you all tripping. He's stamped over there. That ain't going down no time soon," said the 31-year-old. "Then I woke up the next morning and seen it across the ticker and was like, nah, this can't be happening, this can't be happening. And then they finally announced it. ... I was like s---, my dream is about to come true now. Everything about to change."

Things certainly were about to change... and here we are.

Super Bowl crowd size

A lot of people around the web saying there appear to be more than the announced 25,000 fans here. Certainly looks more than half full. Capacity is 65,890.

Traves Kelce and Lavonte David going to midfield for the coin toss.

Warren L. “Wawa” Snipe was great.

If you had 2 minutes and 25 seconds, you just won yourself some money. 

Time to turn into a body language expert here for a minute. Mahomes is as cool as the other side of the pillow and if I didn't know better, I'd think he was almost trying too hard to be relaxed. Brady seems to have lots of nervous energy and getting some last reps in before the coin toss. Mahomes nowhere near a football, he has already mastered it. 

This could go either way. Let's hope they don't get too innovative and ruin the viewing experience! 

Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan now singing the national anthem. A very folksy start to it from Church. Sullivan brings a little soul to proceedings. 

A message from Joe Biden and the First Lady: "We can all do our part to save lives.... let's remember all those we have lost. So join us, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NFL for the more than 440,000 who lost their lives due to this pandemic and their loved ones they left behind."

And now it's time for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A laughing stock last year but they went and signed Tom Brady last offseason, won three games on the road in the play-offs. Surprise, surprise, the 2000 6th round pick, Brady, is in the Super Bowl again.

The AFC Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, make their way onto the field. Can they do the double? Andy Reid came so close with the Eagles and Donovan McNabb, but he could well be on the way to building a dynasty with Mahomes and the Chiefs. The Bucs stand in their way tonight! 

“Every time I’ve played against Tom Brady, it’s been a four-quarter game, all the way down to the last possession,” says Tyrann Mathieu about the game tonight. We have seen Brady come back so often, and so often in the biggest games. He nearly did it in the regular season despite the Chiefs dominating that game. So many people think the Chiefs are the better team tonight but very few are willing to put their money on a Brady loss. 

Powerful moment


The 3-man line that will be *mostly* responsibly for containing Mahomes tonight. 

Big energy from the Chiefs 

(That was four minutes ago, btw)

It bodes well for Mahomes that he does well under pressure because the Bucs d-line is ferocious. Steve Spagnuolo loves blitzing and Brady is in for a long night of guessing and second-guessing the packages Spag is cooking up. 

Some injury news ahead of the game. This could be the deciding factor. If the Chiefs take away Kelce and Hill (easier said than done) then it will fall on Watkins to be Mahomes go-to guy. 

Alicia Keys currently serenading the 22,000 fans at the Super Bowl along with the players. Hard to tell if they're enjoying it immensely or just really concentrated. I am leaning towards the later. 

It would be remiss of us not to mention the passing of Chris Wesseling. For thousands of fans of American football, listening to the guys on Around The NFL is a weekly ritual. A beautiful tribute to Wess on their Twitter account today. Rest easy, Chris. 

Who is Sarah Thomas? The first woman referee in a Super Bowl

Super Bowl LV 2021

Who is Sarah Thomas? The first woman referee in a Super Bowl

Sarah Thomas: first ever woman referee at a Super Bowl

If you don't really know much about football, I highly recommend Ted's pieces on the Athletic about some of the concepts to watch for to make it more enjoyable for you.

Ted Nguyen's in-depth look at the match-up between these two teams is an excellent read too ahead of kick-off. One thing to watch is Mahomes and the Chiefs' use of RPO (run-pass-option). They have a QB who can make all the most difficult throws and who can scan the field, watching his receivers and how their defenders are lining up. It makes playing against him a nightmare.


Tom Brady takes the field for Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl

Less than an hour to kick-off in the Super Bowl


The Chiefs are light on the offensive line with three starters out. Kelechi Osemele, Mitchell Schwartz and Eric Fisher are all out. The Bucs pass rush is the one of the best in the NFL and FiveThirthyEight have written about how it might not matter much for Mahomes and co. tonight.

Tyreek Hill warming up

Fast? His 40-yard dash is 4.29 seconds. Wide Receiver average is 4.48.

Super Bowl LV 2021 halftime show live online: The Weeknd headlines


Super Bowl LV 2021 halftime show live online: The Weeknd headlines

Super Bowl LV Entertainment live feed

The half-time show is one of the biggest showbiz events on the planet, so Mr Music, Calum Roche, is covering that in detail over on this dedicated live feed

Super Bowl LV en vivo: última hora del Buccaneers vs Chiefs, NFL hoy en directo

Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl LV en vivo: última hora del Buccaneers vs Chiefs, NFL hoy en directo

Super Bowl LV in Spanish

If you want to follow all the action in Spanish, check out our colleagues' live feed:

How much do Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady make? Net worth and salary

NFL Super Bowl

How much do Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady make? Net worth and salary

Brady and Mahomes - what are they taking home?

Two of the biggest stars in the NFL and pay packets to suit...

Sammy Watkins a doubt

Kansas City Chiefs' Wide Receiver Sammy Watkins has a bit of knee bother and he's doubtful for today. 

Nice arrival from Travis Kelce...

Lot of coin riding on this coin

One of the biggest bets of the Super Bowl is on the coin toss. Yep, it's 50:50 (but you don't get quite those odds from the bookies, so it's never great value). Here's the official coin...

Brady's Super Bowl tweet

Only the 1.5 million views so far...

Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh in the house

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh of the the Tampa Bay Buccaneers warming up out on the pitch ahead of Super Bowl LV. Yet another one sporting Apple's AirPods Pro - it's fair to say they're doing good business with NFL players. 

Buc's Bruce Arians vs Chiefs' Andy Reid

All the focus has been, understandably, on the quarterbacks, but there coaches pulling the strings off the pitch too. Liking these graphics from the NFL for Arians and Reid. 

Fans at the Super Bowl

It's not going to be a full house tonight at the Raymond James Stadium - the covid 19 pandemic has meant that's impossible, but there will be a fair amount of fans in the ground - 25,000 in total,  including 7,500 vaccinated health workers who have been invited by the NFL. There will also be  33,000 cutouts of fans breaking up the groups of living, breathing fans. 

Full list of Super Bowl winners

1967 - Green Bay Packers 35-10 Kansas City Chiefs

1968 - Green Bay Packers 33-14 Oakland Raiders

1969 - New York Jets 16-7 Baltimore Colts

1970 - Kansas City Chiefs 23-7 Minnesota Vikings

1971 - Baltimore Colts 16-13 Dallas Cowboys

1972 - Dallas Cowboys 24-3 Miami Dolphins

1973 - Miami Dolphins 14-7 Washington Redskins

1974 - Miami Dolphins 24-7 Minnesota Vikings

1975 - Pittsburgh Steelers 16-6 Minnesota Vikings

1976 - Pittsburgh Steelers 21-17 Dallas Cowboys

1977 - Oakland Riders 32-14 Minnesota Vikings

1978 - Dallas Cowboys 27-10 Denver Broncos

1979 - Pittsburgh Steelers 35-31 Dallas Cowboys

1980 - Pittsburgh Steelers 31-19 Los Angeles Rams

1981 - Oakland Raiders 27-10 Philadelphia Eagles

1982 - San Francisco 49ers 26-21 Cincinnati Bengals

1983 - Washington Redskins 27-17 Miami Dolphins

1984 - Los Angeles Raiders 38-9 Washington Redskins

1985 - San Francisco 49ers 28-16 Miami Dolphins

1986 - Chicago Bears 46-10 New England Patriots

1987 - New York Giants 39-20 Denver Broncos

1988 - Washington Redskins 42-10 Denver Broncos

1989 - San Francisco 49ers 20-16 Cincinnati Bengals

1990 - San Francisco 49ers 55-10 Denver Broncos

1991 - New York Giants 20-19 Buffalo Bills

1992 - Washington Redskin 37-24 Buffalo Bills

1993 - Dallas Cowboys 52-17 Buffalo Bills

1994 - Dallas Cowboys 30-13 Buffalo Bills

1995 - San Francisco 49ers 49-26 San Diego Chargers

1996 - Dallas Cowboys 27-17 Pittsburgh Steelers

1997 - Green Bay Packers 35-21 New England Patriots

1998 - Denver Broncos 31-24 Green Bay Packers

1999 - Denver Broncos 34-19 Atlanta Falcons

2000 - St Louis Rams 23-16- Tennessee Titans

2001 - Baltimore Ravens 34-7 New York Giants

2002 - New England Patriots 20-17 St Louis Rams

2003 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48-21 Oakland Raiders

2004 - New England Patriots 32-29 Carolina Panthers

2005 - New England Patriots 24-21 Philadelphia Eagles

2006 - Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10 Seattle Seahawks

2007 - Indianapolis Colts 29-18 Chicago Bears

2008 - New York Giants 17-14 New England Patriots

2009 - Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23 Arizona Cardinals

2010 - New Orleans Saints 31-17 Indianapolis Colts

2011 - Green Bay Packers 31-25 Pittsburgh Steelers

2012 - New York Giants 21-17 New England Patriots

2013 - Baltimore Ravens 34-31 San Francisco 49ers

2014 - Seattle Seahawks 43-8 Denver Broncos

2015 - New England Patriots 28-24 Seattle Seahawks

2016 - Denver Broncos 24-10 Carolina Panthers

2017 - New England Patriots 34-28 Atlanta Falcons

2018 - Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 New England Patriots

2019 - New England Patriots 13-3 Los Angeles Rams

2020 - Kansas City Chiefs 31-20 San Francisco 49ers

2021 - Kansas City Chiefs ?-? Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Note that Brady has won six of them, Mahomes one, last year's.

Who have been Super Bowl MVPs in the past?


Who have been Super Bowl MVPs in the past?

Super Bowl MVP

Chief's quarterback Mahomes is favourite to pick up today's MVP trophy, followed by Tom Brady... and from there it's a LONG way back to the next favourites (Kansas City Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce is at +1,100, and his teammate, wide receiver Tyreek Hill is also at +1,100). 

You can check out the full list of MVPs in the article, along with some curiosities including the one Super Bowl where the award was given jointly to two players, and the only kick returner to have been named MVP - thanks to a 99 yard touchdown return. 

Half-time Super Bowl LV show: The Weeknd

Canadian superstar the Weeknd is the main act of the half-time show, our money would be on him opening or closing his set with Blinding Lights, the smash hit that got to number one in 34 countries.

Check out more Weeknd chat.

Super Bowl LV 2021: how to watch online, TV and time


Super Bowl LV 2021: how to watch online, TV and time

How to watch Super Bowl LV

If you’re in the States, it’s on CBS (remember it was meant to be on NBC, but they did a deal so CBS don’t end up covering the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics next year).

If you’re elsewhere or want to watch it on streaming... check out the article.


Brady and Mahomes

Chiefs vs Bucs - Mahomes vs Brady

There are plenty of narratives running through the 55th Super Bowl, but there’s no doubt what the main storyline has been over the past two weeks since the Chiefs and Bucs won their respective conference title matches: Mahomes vs Brady. The clash of the quarterbacks.

It’s the young pretender Mahomes taking on the legendary veteran Brady in his 10th Super Bowl. But while Mahomes is young - 25 years old - he’s the reigning champion, looking to take the Chiefs to back-to-back titles, something that’s not been done since the Patriots did it in 2003 and 2004 with Brady in charge (Super Bowls 38 and 39).

Brady meanwhile is looking for his seventh Super Bowl title, having won six with Patriots before his move in March to the Bucs, who he’s taken as a wild card to the Super Bowl.

The odds favour Mahomes, no doubt about that - he’s a clear favourite at -120 to be MVP, with Brady next up at +200. That said, many commentators feel you can’t write off a man who has been here so many times before, and won it in so many different circumstances, including of course the ‘Greatest Comeback of All Time’, when the Patriots came back to win against the Falcons 34-28 in overtime, having been trailing 28-3 in the third quarter.

Super Bowl LV live: Kansas City Chiefs - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Super Bowl LV, which sees Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs play Tom Brady’s Bucs at… the home of the Bucs: Raymond James Stadium, in Tampa, Florida - the first time a team has played the Super Bowl at their home stadium.

The football action gets underway at 6:30 p.m. ET, but we’ll have all the build-up to the action, including the pre-game show. You can also check out our dedicated coverage of the entertainment side of things, with our half-time show live feed.

So sit back and enjoy Super Bowl LV!


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