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What are the lowest and highest scores in a Super Bowl?

The difference between the games with the lowest and the highest scores in Super Bowl history is significant. Check out just how big.

Patrios vs Rams lowest score Super Bowl
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Throughout the 54 Super Bowl games since the championship started in 1967 there have been all kinds of matches. Epic ones such as the Patriots vs Falcons in 2017 that ended with Tom Brady leading a victory in overtime or the Steelers vs Cowboys in 1979 that confirmed the dynasty of the Pittsburgh team and its Steel Curtain. And there have been games with little emotion like the Seahawks vs Broncos from 2013 that ended up being a blowout for the team from Denver.

And there have been games both with a very high or a very low score. Matches that are part of NFL and Super Bowl history.

What's the lowest score in a Super Bowl?

The quite recent New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams at Super Bowl LIII in 2019 is the one with the lowest score in the history of the NFL. The game that defined the champion of the 2018 season ended up with a 13-3 result favorable to the Patriots after deploying a defensive strategy that nullified the offensive efforts of the Californian team.

It was the last Super Bowl won by Tom Brady. There were three field goals and only one touchdown throughout the game.

What's the highest score in a Super Bowl?

The highest-scoring Super Bowl happened in the XXIX edition in 1995. The final played between the San Diego Chargers and the San Francisco 49ers had a total of 75 points that resulted in victory for the 49ers with a 26-49 scoreline. It is also the game that holds the record for the highest amount of total touchdowns in a Super Bowl game: 10.

And San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young set the record for most touchdown passes in a match, with six.