Coppa Italia: Inter boss Conte says sorry for gesture in Juventus draw

Inter head coach Antonio Conte has apologised for aiming an insulting gesture at Andrea Agnelli during a confrontation with the Juventus president.

Conte apologises for gesture in Juventus draw

Inter Milan head coach Antonio Conte has apologised for his actions during the Nerazzurri's Coppa Italia elimination by Juventus on Tuesday, saying he should have "reacted differently" after he was "insulted".

Conte directs gesture at Juventus chief as Inter bow out of Coppa 

The Inter coach, previously in charge in Turin, aimed an insulting gesture at Juve president Andrea Agnelli as the pair traded comments at the Allianz Stadium.

The Bianconeri earned a goalless draw to advance to the final 2-1 on aggregate, but Conte was apologetic when revisiting the incident ahead of Inter's Serie A meeting with Lazio on Sunday.

However, the former Italy boss, who said after the game Juve "need more sportsmanship and respect", suggested he was insulted first.

Conte: "I reacted in the wrong way to being insulted"

Conte said: "I want to only talk about football during the press conference, so I will say this before we begin: I am here to apologise.

"I reacted in the wrong way to being insulted. I could have reacted differently and that would have been more positive.

"I am sorry and I will learn from this for future reference. The insults and provocation should not be an excuse, because I still shouldn't have responded like that. Everyone saw what happened; that is important to me.

"However, we as coaches, players and presidents are meant to set an example and therefore I should have reacted to insults and provocation in a different way - perhaps with a thumbs up or applause, to show I could hear what was being said, but it would've been a more positive response.

"Having said all that, now we should concentrate on the game. People want to talk about football, not gossip."