World Cup 2022

Hassan Al Thawadi: Sabah Al Ahmed Corridor facilitates access to World Cup stadiums

The major eight-lane highway through the heart of Doha will cut commuters’ travel times by up to 70%.

Hassan Al Thawadi: Sabah Al Ahmed Corridor facilitates access to World Cup stadiums

As part of Qatar’s preparations for FIFA Qatar 2022, the Sabah Al Ahmed Corridor in Doha was recently inaugurated. The corridor will allow for improved traffic circulation during the World Cup, allowing direct connections to six of the tournament’s stadiums: Al Thumama, Al Januob, Al Khalifa Internacional, Education City and Ras Abu Abuod.

The Corridor is one of the largest road infrastructure projects in Qatar, consisting of bridges, intersections and tunnels, and will vastly improve the flow of traffic in the city, serving a number of other transport hubs such as Hamad International airport, the metro network as well as offering integration with the other main highways.

For the inauguration of the Corridor, which has been dubbed the ‘lungs of Doha’ in terms of its transit capacity, Hassan Al Thawadi, secretary-general of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, responsible for managing the projects of FIFA Qatar 2022, said that Sabah Al Ahmed is one of the vital highways that will help the movement of fans at the World Cup, reducing the time to get to the six World Cup stadiums.

Hassan Al Thawadi

“We’re delighted at the inauguration of this bridge forming part of the Sabah Al Ahmed corridor, which is a step forward in the preparations for FIFA Qatar 2022, and is added to the infrastructure and transport projects already carried out.”

“With the network or quality, modern roads recently created in Qatar over the last few years, this has changed the concept of moving between stadiums, and of connecting them, This promises to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for the fans as well as the players during FIFA Qatar 2022. It will also help transport between the residences, pitches and attractions of Qatar, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the fact that everything is at close quarters.”

The Sabah Al Ahmed Corridor is over 25km long, and is a vital route through Doha, offering an alternative, parallel highway serving thousands of passengers between north and south Doha daily.

The corridor includes 32 bridges with four lanes in each direction and 12 tunnels, along with the first suspension bridge in Qatar with a length of 1,200 metres as well as the longest bridge in the country, at 2.6 km.