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NBA2 39 60 46 24 170


NBA All Star Game 2021: Team LeBron beats Team Durant, scores, highlights

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NBA All-Star Game 2021: as it happened

NBA All-Star Game 2021: winners

Team LeBron won the 2021 All-Stars Game by 170-150 over Team Durant

Taco Bell Skills Challenge

Domantas Sabonis won the Skills contest, taking the final against Nikola Vucevic.

MTN DEW 3-Point Contest

Steph Curry was crowned 3-Point Contest champion. He racked up a massive 31 points in the first round, before hitting his final shot to get to 28 in the final round and beat Mike Conley, who finished on 27.

AT&T Slam Dunk competition

Anfernee Simons wins the Slam Dunk Contest with an attempted kiss on the hoop. He just backed out before landing his lips on it, but did enough to convince the judges. 

Postgame press conferences

Cleveland: All-Stars 2022

A reminder that next year's event will take place in Cleveland, Ohio, but of course there's still the second half of the regular NBA season and the playoffs to look foward to first.

Thank you so much for joining us this evening and we'll be back soon with more live action.

And the 2021 All-Star MVP is...

NBA commissioner is ready to announce the MVP award.

And it goes to Ctrl-V favourite...Giannis Antetokounmpo from the Milwaukee Bucks.

$1.25 million raised by Team LeBron and another half mill by Team Durant. Impressive stuff!

Some closing remarks now as the presentation preamble begins...


LB 170-150 KD (target 170)

Lillard makes sure from way, way back. That didn't take long.

LB 167-147 KD (target 170)

We're almost there as Tatum misses and Curry goes for the winner. Misses

LB 161-144 KD (target 170)

Team Durant fighting hard and Leonard fires in from deep. Jocic draws the foul.

LB 159-138 KD (target 170)

Curry finds his three form again. Nice lay-up from Kyrie and he adds the extra point

LB 156-135 KD (target 170)

Irving misses by Leonard pops in a three to make up for it. Giannis then fouled

LB 156-132 KD (target 170)

This game is slipping away rather quickly from Team Durant. Just 14 more points for the King and co. to win

LB 156-132 KD (target 170)

George hits another three after deflected passes find him deep.

LB 153-132 KD (target 170)

Four-point play for Brown. Hits three and makes the one.

LB 149-132 KD (target 170)

Zach hits a three, and Harden gets the rebound to set up another play. No score

LB 146-125 KD (target 170)

Fourth quarter is underway. Remember, no clock...

MVP voting: get involved

(PS it's between two players so don't waste your vote!)

Final score target is 170

To clarify, after each quarter being a separate entity for fund raising, the total score now returns and a Kobe-24 added gives us a score to be reached.

If they take five hours to get there, so be it. The clock is off!

Another musical interlude as an Anthony Hamilton video is played out. 'We'll be fine' he says... tell that to Team Durant!

LB 45 - 42 KD: end of third quarter

Mitchell misses from distance as the clock runs down. Lillard misses with five seconds on the clock but a buzzer-beating three is not enough to stop Team LeBron taking another quarter.


LB 43 - 42 KD

Lillard from downtown under pressure, and Mitchell fires right back

Has Giannis overtaken Curry for the MVP? He just can't miss

ATL BOOM get their drum beat going

LB 40 - 39 KD

Massive scores from Harden and Conley to keep Team Durant in this one.


LB 37 - 33 KD

George hits an important three as Team LeBron flip this quarter.


LB 31 - 33 KD

Quiet period of scoring after the timeout as posession switches.

The Atlanta Hawk dancers have the stage bouncing. Black outfits with matching masks, and a very energetic routine.


LB 28 - 31 KD

Curry hits another to go 7 from 12 outside the arc. Harden also drops another three and it looks like this $150,000 on offer this quarter looks like it could go to the buzzer.


LB 23 - 28 KD

Giannis is 15/15 including a lovely three (while Curry misses another three).


LB 18 - 22 KD

Questions being asked if anyone has ever gone perfect in an All-Star game. Giannis is heading that way.


LB 18 - 11 KD

Irving gets away for two and Doncic with a big three.


LB 11-13 KD



LB 8 - 11 KD

Jovic is loving this and slides home from the paint. Beal hits a cracker from range and Zion pushes a pass in under the rim.


LB 2-5 KD

We start with a Curry missed three, then Tatum nails one.

Giannis makes it 12 from 12 and then Leonard and Tatum miss.

The second half is go!

OK, the teams are back out...

Who's your MVP so far? Steph Curry definitely in the running, and it would seem unlikely from what we've seen so far that it won't come from Team LeBron, Giannis another.

But a whole second half awaits, and plenty can still happen.

Slam dunk champion

Anfernee Simons wins the dunk as he attempts to kiss the rim with his final go.

He says he was pretty nervous but he just wanted to show his talent.

Some big finishing to that first half from Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard.


The Curry points

Breaking down Steph Curry's 23 points in that first half, quite a few from downtown. Only teammate Giannis has more, with 24.


Where the scores came from


Curry and the King having fun!

It's been a decent showing thus far from Bradley Beal, who has tied his All-Star game career-high with 14 points in that first half.

As well as the $150,000 for Thurgood Marshall College Fund for Team LeBron's first quarter win, there are a lot more rewards going out on the back of this game.


Team LeBron's Rudy Gobert makes no mistake in that first half

Time for some slam dunk action

Head over to our other live feed for the half-time show.

LB 60 - 41 KD: End of the second quarter

A crushing end to the half sees Lillard plant from distance and then Curry says 'whatever you can do' and hits a sixth in the quarter from down town.


LB 50 - 35 KD

Alley oop for Curry...and he loved that!


LB 45 - 33 KD

Giannis goes high and in for three, before slamming on an immediate breakaway.

More entertainment as the players step out the way. The 'Kicks Cam' is checking out all the coolest sneakers out there.


LB 40 - 33 KD

Team LeBron has a seven-point advantage with a clsoe Brown recovery. Doncic and Zion scoring too.


LB 33-30 KD


Ridiculous from Curry. Where on earth did he pull that shot from...well, we know.


LB 28-28 KD

Giannis up to 17 now and Randle in the mix


LB 22-24 KD

Back underway

Smallest tip-off ever?


Timeout and time for the 404 Crew to take to the stage. Slick dancing and no sign of any errors.


LB 18-22 KD

Brown hits a three after a solid alley-oop from Williamson.


LB 15-18 KD

OK, so we're picking up the slow pace in this quarter and Beal hits another triple, before George and Tatum get involved.


LB 9-10 KD

Beal nails a three and then LeBron slams hard.


LB 7-6 KD

Three from Lillard, Chris Paul assisting again and then Irving gets to the free-throw line. Nothing doing


LB 4-2 KD

A reminder that we start the scores 0-0 again with more good causes to raise money for.

Paul, Beal get us going...after some sloppy misses


The clock is ticking again...

The pride of Bulls

The Brothers of Alpha Phi are rocking it on stage, all masked up of course.

Respect the Jazz!

LB 40-39 KD

Mitchell slam ends the first quarter. One-point game


LB 35-37 KD

Inside the final minute of the first quarter

Back on


LB 37-31 KD

Brown and then Gobert give us a six-point game.


LB 31-31 KD

Zach LaVine with a triple and then Chris Paul for Gobert!


LB 31-28 KD

Randle, Harden and Curry


LB 23-16 KD

Stop it Steph! Almost at the halfway point.


LB 23-23 KD

Three misses to get us going followed by Durant's first attempt from down town.

We're back on


LB 23-20 KD

A LeBron timeout in the frantic play and we have some music and lycra-clad dancers. That looks even more tiring that the game itself!


LB 23-20 KD

A LeBron timeout in the frantic play and we have some music and lycra-clad dancers. That looks even more tiring that the game itself!


LB 23-16 KD

Curry again just being ridiculously good from the three.


LB 15-13 KD

Curry makes no mistake from the arc

A Zion alley-oop and a LeBron reverse slam shows that this is going to be a fun night.


LB 2-5 KD

A quick start


Team LeBron take control from the tip

Warming-up done. It's almost time to get tipping...


That's the starting five? Yeah, it's over, guys,

Me, LeBron, Luka, Jokic and Steph? Man, that's a good starting five.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, A confident starter

Gladys fan pips up

Anthem and some

Gladys Knight gentle caresses the vocal chords for “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

This is touching a few hearts, you can see. For others, though, it's just getting in the way of the balling!

Alessia Cara is now warbling “O Canada”.

She has a very nice voice and the players are rocking side to side as they listen and watch the Toronto-born star on the big screen.

As we listen to the Clark Atlanta Philharmonic Society Choir performing “Lift Every Voice And Sing,” called the Black national anthem, you can watch something just as beautiful. Hey Steph!

Minute's silence

The noise has disappeared for one minute as everyone involved pays tribute to those that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, one that has killed well over 500,000 Americans in the last year.

Team LeBron - starters shine

Luka Doncic...Nikola Jokic...Stephen Curry...Giannis Antetokounmpo...LeBron James (capt)

Time for Team LeBron

Coach Quin Snyder says hello...

And the reserves follow: Domantas Sabonis, Paul George, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Rudy Gobert

Team Durant - here come the starters

Jayson Tatum...Kyrie Irving...Zion Williamson...Bradley Beal...Kawhi Leonard

There you have it. They looked hyped!

Team Durant first out

First name is coach for the night, Doc Rivers.

He's followed by James Harden, Zach LaVine, Julius Randle, Nikola Vucevic, Mike Conley and Donovan Mitchell.

That's the reserves.

The lights are dimmed...

...you know what that means. The players are about to make their appearance.

Making some All-Star noise

Despite the lack of a full crowd - you can read about the covid-19 protocols here - the organisers have done a pretty decent job in creating an atmosphere.

Along with those that are in the State Farm Arena, multiple screens surround the court with fans at home.

Oh, and the DJs help!

It's almost game time

The end of the Skills Challenge and 3-point content means that the main event is just minutes away. Are you ready?

We are and will be bringing you all the action and reaction throughout.

Steph Curry: 3-point champion

The man generally regarded as the greatest shooter of all-time has just taken the 3-point comp. But some early misses meant he need his very last ball to win.

And. He. Nailed. It!

All-Star blue

Donovan Mitchell sporting a different hue.

3-point final

"He's a computer game!" screamed the commentator about Steph Curry as he dropped in 31 points.

The final three men are in action right now...

All-Star MVP

Who's your money on taking tonight's Most Valuable Player award?

We have seen some stunning performances over the years in this mid-season match-up but there are two players who share the record for the most MVP award wins in the NBA All-Star Game.


All-Star shoes: guess who?

Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you hanging. Those are the feet of Nikola Vucevic, #9 of the Orlando Magic.

Sabonis skills champ

Across in the on-court build-up, Domantas Sabonis took the Taco Bell Skills Challenge title. The Indiana Pacers will be proud.

After lifting the trophy, one in which he came second last year, he dedicated it, with a smirk, to his fans and his family, the latter having the pleasure of being there with him.

Team Durant: starter insight

Bradley Beal | G | Washington Wizards

• The NBA’s leading scorer at 32.9 points per game; only 11 players in NBA history have ever averaged at least 32.9 ppg over a full season. James Harden (last two seasons) is the only active player on that list.

• That list of 32.9 points per game scorers gets even smaller when you add the 5.4 rebounds and 4.7 assists that Beal is averaging this season. Only four players have ever posted 32.9 ppg, 5.4 rpg and 4.7 apg over a full season: James Harden, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor.

Zion Williamson | F | New Orleans Pelicans

• Ranks fifth in the NBA in field goal percentage (61.4%). Williamson has attempted only 23 shots outside the paint this season.

• Averages a league-best 8.7 field goals made and 13.4 field goals attempted (three more than any other player) inside the restricted area.

Kyrie Irving | G | Brooklyn Nets

• Holds the top offensive efficiency rating of any player that ranks in the top 300 minutes played. The Nets have scored 122.0 points per 100 possessions with Irving on the court this season.

• Ranks fifth in the league in isolation scoring (4.7 ppg) and 16th in scoring (8.0 ppg) as the ball handler in pick-and-roll plays.

Kawhi Leonard | F | LA Clippers

• Ranks ninth in the NBA in steals (1.5 per game) and fourth in points off turnovers (4.3 per game).

• Averages 8.7 points per game off drives (17th in NBA) on an average of 12.9 drives per game (25th). His 56.6% shooting off drives ranks fourth among the 34 players that average at least five shots per game off drives.

Jayson Tatum | F-G | Boston Celtics

• Tied for eighth in the NBA in clutch scoring (68 points in 76 clutch minutes). Tatum is shooting 48.9% (23-47) from the field, 35.7% (5-14) from three and 89.5% (17-19) from the free-throw line with the game on the line.

• Has made the most field goals in the final 30 seconds of a one-possession game (score within three points). Tatum has 18 points on 6-for-9 shooting (66.7%) in these situations.

(h/t nba.com)

Team LeBron: starter insight

Giannis Antetokounmpo | F | Milwaukee Bucks

• Ranks second in the league in field goals made inside the restricted area (273), shooting 78.7% in restricted area — is fourth-highest among the 110 players with at least 100 shot attempts in that zone.

• One of two players (along with All-Star teammate Nikola Jokic) to average at least 25 points, 10 rebounds and five assists this season. Giannis was the only player to average those marks each of the past two seasons … and won Kia MVP honors both times.

Stephen Curry | G | Golden State Warriors

• Posted an NBA season-high and personal career-high 62 points on January 3 vs. Portland. Curry is the only player with multiple 50-point games and multiple games with 10-plus 3PM this season.

• Leads the NBA in 3-pointers made (169); Curry last led the league in the 2016-17 season (324), which was his fifth straight year leading the NBA: 2015-16 (NBA-record 402 3PM), 2014-15 (286), 2013-14 (261) and 2012-13 (272).

Luka Doncic | G-F | Dallas Mavericks

• The only player to rank in the top seven in both points per game (7th, 28.6 ppg) and assists per game (4th, 9.0 apg). Team LeBron teammates Nikola Jokic and Damian Lillard both rank in the top 10 in both categories.

• Ranks second in the NBA in drives (23.1 per game); ranks first in both scoring off drives (13.8 ppg) and assists off drives (2.8 apg)

LeBron James | F | Los Angeles Lakers (Captain)

• In his 18th season, LeBron is averaging at least 25 points per game for the 17th consecutive season — the most of any player in NBA history; next closest are Michael Jordan and Karl Malone at 11 apiece.

• One of four players this season averaging at least 25 points, seven rebounds and seven assists – along with fellow All-Stars James Harden, Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic. This would be the 11th time LeBron has averaged at least 25-7-7 in his career; Oscar Robertson (6) and Russell Westbrook (4) are the only other players with more than two such seasons.

Nikola Jokic | C | Denver Nuggets

• Leads the NBA in double-doubles (32) and ranks second in triple-doubles (9). Recently became the ninth player in NBA history to reach 50 career triple-doubles – and only the second center to do so joining Wilt Chamberlain. Jokic reached 50 triple-doubles in 416 games compared to Wilt’s 703 (note: blocks were not an official stat during Wilt’s time)

(h/t nba.com)



Team Durant - reserves


Team Durant - starters

As per our earlier story, Williamson has had to come in for Embiid. The other news, of course, is that captain Kev is not invovled on the court.


Team LeBron - reserves


Team LeBron - starters

Here you have the starters for LeBron James' team and their rather impressive stats.

The story of the barber and the fallen stars

Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons reportedly both were exposed to a barber in Philadelphia who is believed to have tested positive for the coronavirus.

76ers coach Doc Rivers initially said "it's not looking great" for Embiid and Simmons to be able to play. This was later confirmed to be the case and so changes were made.

3-point teaser

How best to get in the mood for some arc shooting than by peering back over the years.

All-Star added fun

We know just how much you love the extra contests that take place on All-Star weekend, and because this covid-19 has reduced the activity to just one night, we're providing you with a dedicated feed on the skills challenge, the 3-points contest and the slam dunk competition.

Enjoy all the action and remember that the slamming will take place at half-time during our game coverage.

East or West? Who has led the way?

As we've seen, the new format removes the East-West rivalry with the captain picks getting to choose across conferences. But prior to 2018, we saw a (relatively) fierce competition.

We look into who came out on top and how the scores varied.

Who cares? Kevin cares

In the same vein, Team Durant will be playing for UNCF, which is the nation’s largest and most effective minority education organization.

They support 60,000+ students and 37 HBCUs, and run with the slogan: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

Who cares? LeBron cares

The All-Star event raises a huge amount of money for good causes and as part of this Team LeBron will be scoring for The Thurgood Marshall College Fund, which represents nearly 300,000 students attending 47 member-schools.

NBA All-Star teams

As you likely know, Team captains LeBron James and Kevin Durant have made their open draft picks for the 70th edition of the star-studded mid-season showpiece.

Here's who they went for...

NBA All-Star Game 2021: welcome

Good evening and a very warm welcome to what should be an entertaining night of basketball and skills shows.

The global coronavirus may have had an impact on how the 2021 All-Star weekend is going to pan out, but the event goes ahead nonetheless, and our build-up starts here as we look forward to Team LeBron taking on Team Durant.